Video: Eminem f/ Rihanna – ‘The Monster’

Eminem and Rihanna

Eminem and Rihanna have done it again. After topping the charts with their 2010 hit “Love the Way You Lie,” the Detroit rapper and pop superstar reunite in the video for “The Monster.”

Em faces his demons with some help from Rihanna, who plays his sexy therapist. She makes him watch images of violence, family, and addiction on the monitor while she takes notes.

As he rides an elevator, he reflects on his tumultuous career and life, recreating scenes from iconic moments in his career including the videos for “My Name Is,” “Lose Yourself,” and “The Way I Am,” as well as his performance with Elton John at the 2001 Grammys.

The elevator finally stops and he gets off to find two armed guards pointing guns at an iron cage. Inside is his former self, who throws torn pieces of paper at him. Em reads the note and walks away while the old Em yells at him.

The song, which is No. 1 on the Billboard Hot 100, is the latest single off Eminem’s platinum album The Marshall Mathers LP 2.

Watch Eminem come face-to-face with Marshall Mathers.

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  1. kam

    Love the hook to this song, Eminem verses not so much.


    WilliamMMimms Reply:

    as Susan said I’m startled that anybody able to profit $6327 in one month on the computer. over here …


  2. Whatcha_Sayin

    Loved the way they incorporated the old footage from past hits and made it new. Good video!


  3. meme

    thats a dope concept how they mashed all his videos. rihanna is everything in this. She truly made this song…not takin anything from em


  4. Mark

    Amazing concept to the video. Absolutely genius to incorporate the song to his earlier work and mix it in together. That’s how you make a great music video. The song comes alive with this video.


  5. Chase

    Love this really cool


  6. RoCNation

    RIHANNA is dope as phuck!!!! But it’s —-YONCE week… BOW DOWN BITCHES!!!


    Nunofyobusiness Reply:

    @RoCNation, no1currs


    Got Damn Reply:

    @RoCNation, TELL EM’ BOOO


  7. CurtisDonDeano

    she is so ugly in this video, I’m tired of his same flow

    and funny how the first verse is similar to what Ye’ talks about but NO ONE is pulling his card about complaining about being famous.


  8. Ruston

    Cool video, I really the whole Inception concept with the elevator scenes


  9. Zave



  10. NASIR

    KING EM!


  11. Sushi

    I swear, Em, really doesn’t age that much. With that 8 Mile scene, I thought that was that 8 Mile scene. Or.. maybe he made this song a LONG time ago, filmed 2 scenes for 2 songs, and then it shows up now? lol


  12. AMBER



  13. T12

    Big Eminem and Big Beyonce Fan since the first Day. It’s really Cool to see that both are still so successful.

    Eminem biggest male Artist of the last 15 Years and Beyonce biggest female Artist of the last 15 Years!


  14. 2bad2bme

    that was dope can’t lie…but it’s Yonce week lmao


  15. H

    The End is so EPIC!


  16. rave4

    Love this video good job guys





  18. Jack Sparrow

    Is Eminem the Male Nicki Minaj?


    FormerlyFromTokyo Reply:

    @Jack Sparrow, Their voices are both very nasal like they’re rapping through their noses. It’s something that bothers me about them both, but there are other rappers who rap in that same, nasal tone. Why, I don’t know.


  19. @Princejawsh

    Dope! Especially the ending


  20. JD

    This was weird. Not really sure how I feel or if I’d watch it again. Liked the concept but I’m not really feeling the execution or Rihanna in this.


  21. LAX

    I prefer to have Ciara in it instead


    ukreporter1 Reply:

    @LAX, Lmao!!! If it’s herb or crack or whatever it’s a bad trip. DON’T use it again


  22. jay scorpio

    Flawless…. Perfection… Epicness in all proportions!!!! #TheMonsterVideo


  23. Mam love

    Wooow nice song love it


  24. C.Bryant

    He looks extra sexy in this video. Mmmm.


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