Video: Mila J – ‘Smoke, Drink, Break-Up’

Mila J

The Chilombo sisters are holding it down. While Jhené Aiko enjoys her own success, her older sister Mila J steps into the spotlight with the dance-heavy video for “Smoke, Drink, Break-Up.” But just because they share the same parents, don’t expect the same sound.

The 30-year-old L.A. beauty, who got her start in the R&B groups Gyrl and Dame Four, shows off her sporty, sexy, and edgy style in the video for her new single “Smoke, Drink, Break-Up.”

Mila goes back and forth, arguing with her man, played by Ty Dolla $ign, and showcases her impressive dance moves, even while riding shotgun.

Following the release of her 2012 mixtape, Mila J is currently in the studio working on her Motown Records debut M.I.L.A. (Made in Los Angeles), which is expected to feature cameos from some fellow L.A. artists.

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  1. MATE

    This shit is so hard. She’s definitely something to watch out for.


  2. Musicjunkiee

    I love her music that she put out back & the day . Her & her sis is dope but totalty opposite . Lol


  3. Zave

    Now this!!! If jhene could perform like this it would epic. I’ve always loved Mila she’s def the female Omarion and just CAME for Ciara


    freshed Reply:

    @Zave, dont do that bruh. i used to feel the same way. its room out here for everybody to eat


  4. Ice

    I’m 100% here for this.


  5. Jrizzel88

    Always been a Mila J fan…she coming back hard. She never really got a fair shot with TUG. Still bump “Good Looking Out” in 2014.


  6. freshed

    i c her wit that “rocket” she got goin #goodlook #westcoast


  7. Mb92

    I freaking LOVE this song, and she’s beautiful… Wouldn’t say she came for Ciara tho, with that recycled cheoro from “Gimmie Dat” lol. Anyways loved the video!


  8. amian

    i miss aaliyah so much (no shade)

    thus girl is very impressive but i see a lot of aaliyah style in her.

    But i respect her style her voice she’s def talented.


  9. Ed

    It was cool I guess but I got bored half way through the song and video.


  10. Ed

    She’s gorgeous tho.


  11. ray

    these sister or no joke, these gals better watch out.


  12. wonderland19

    Tune. First time hearing this, wont be the last either.


  13. Sharp Tongue

    A really dope song & man is she gorgeous also can I have a piece of Ty Dolla $ign?


  14. Cookie Monster

    HOT song and video!! Mila J is BACK!


  15. sycer3

    Lovethis song and this woman!


  16. Tmaiteem

    Dis shit is on fiiyyaaaaaaaaah!!!! I freakin’ looooove it !!! I f$uckin LOVE her looks, dancing, and the whole vibe she’s creating in that video !!!

    I haven’t heard a good song since Mariah’s beautiful !!!

    Jason Derulo’s talk dirty of course was GREAT too !


  17. Tmaiteem

    the guitar riff at the end of the song reminded me of en vogue’s don’t let go !! Ahhhhhhh classic !! ❤️


  18. Mao_the_cat

    Finally! I’ve been waiting for this since this song leaked!!!! Mila J is amazing!!!!!!


  19. African King

    Gon’ head Mila-muddafuqn-J! I love this sh!t!


  20. the G.M.L

    Am so proud to be Zambian right now. these girls are also proud to be Zambia(African) too,for them to keep the chilombo name.this is an wesome vedio..she killed it!!!!! Word up


  21. J.Lo Fanatic

    Wow this song is dope! That beat is so wow… and the way she sings… I’M IMPRESSED!


  22. Beej

    This has got that smooth 90s vibe to it. I’m diggin this.


  23. Yasss

    YASsssssss slay my fucking life bitch!


  24. Kina

    Another Ali (RIP) I do not like it a funky beat, black man music, but to much Phillipian (Asian). Not hot enough for me.


  25. heru9

    im in luv !!


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