Mariah Carey Launches Butterfly Beverage

Mariah Carey

Mariah Carey is getting in the beverage business. Following the No. 3 debut of her album, the Elusive Chanteuse held a press conference at the St. Regis in New York on Monday to announce the launch of her Go N’Syde bottle Butterfly. With the company’s founder Kevin Liles by her side, Mariah sipped from a champagne glass.

The drink, which comes in a pretty pink bottle, is described as “a melodic beverage inspired by the magic of Mariah Carey.”

By holding a smartphone up to the bottle, fans will be able to access an entertainment network curated by Mariah.

Butterfly will be available in Walgreens nationwide and at all Manhattan Duane Reade locations.

Mariah Carey

Mariah Carey

Mariah Carey and Kevin Liles

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  1. Malika

    Queen Mariah, you have an amazing album out… Promote that & release YDKWTD as a single for summer with a video. You can release this additive filled drink another time.


  2. Tim



  3. DRB

    She just put out one of the best albums of her career, certainly of the post Butterfly period, and yet, this is what she’s doing.

    On top of that, she needs to lose weight or find clothes that she’s comfortable in and don’t make her size look worse. Her face has deflated so I’m guessing she’s off steroids and she seemed to be going down as of a few days ago but this isn’t a good look.


    Hank Reply:

    @DRB, You’re a fucking idiot. I’m not the biggest Mariah fan but you sound like a fool criticizing her weight. Let’s see a picture of your body and then we’ll talk.


    DRB Reply:


    It sees the gym and food pyramid most days so it’s good.

    She looks awesome in the twitter pics she posted tonight, so, as I was saying. If your body isn’t gonna let you get away with wearing anything, choose wisely, and she did.


    Brett Reply:

    @DRB, Stop being an ass. I don’t even remotely like Mariah but come on don’t be that person.


  4. Oh

    LMFAO! Copying Nic’s Myx Moscato or nah?


    Just Sayin Reply:

    @Oh, considering it’s not an alcoholic beverage I’m gonna go with nah. And besides, Mariah has a brand of champagne called Angel that was out way before Myx Moscato.


  5. Wow

    Everything I do these bitches wishing they done thought of that. I’m a Indian giver I won’t da quarterback.


  6. Nn

    This drink must be the reason for all that weight she put on…I miss 99 mariah wit snoop n brat


    Frijoles refritos Reply:

    @Nn, noooo lmfao


  7. Major Sushi

    If I drink it, will I hit notes like Mariah?


  8. High_Price

    Laughing My Ass Off….Mariah…. Mariah ….Mariah…. Mariah…. Where do i start? This is just all kinds of Messy… So… instead of promoting this Album for all dear life in efforts to save your image, reputation and possibly your last chance to garner the Masses attention… You decide to Promote a Bottle of Butterfly Wine? The 1st thing that comes to mind is whats up with you and these damn Butterflies… When you was 21 that was cute but as a Grown woman it aint cute no more…Who you think want to buy some Wine with butterflies on it? Children? I just cant with Mariah anymore….somebody needs to bring her back to Earth….Cause it seems she has Checked out ! #PrayersForMariah


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