New Music: Usher f/ Mila J – ‘Good Kisser (Remix)’

Good Kisser (Remix)

A day after Rick Ross dropped his MMG remix, Mila J puts her lips all over Usher’s single “Good Kisser.”

The “Smoke, Drink, Break-Up” singer, who just got off tour with Ty Dolla $ign, turns the slinky song into a provocative duet, and even throws in a reference to Khia’s “My Neck, My Back (Lick It).”

In addition to readying her debut MILA, Mila can be heard on “Disrespectful” off Trey Songz’ upcoming album Trigga.

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  1. SBS

    So good!!!!!!!!!!!!! Can’t wait to her some more from Mila J!
    @theSBSblog /


  2. SBS

    So good!!!!!!!!!!!!! Can’t wait to hear some more from Mila J!
    @theSBSblog /


  3. Meme

    She did that


  4. Ice

    She has so much swag, I love her.


  5. Spaska Angelova

    Awezome song I Love Usher beautiful voice! Beautiful song!


  6. 2011k

    In MY opinion (be sure to note the emphasis on the word “my”), the original was better. I like Mila, think she’s dope, but her voice doesn’t match well with Usher’s in this song to me. Idk if it’s special effects or if it’s just her tone, but it’s too much going on, too “warbly”, if you will. I think Myá (i went way back, I know) would’ve been fire for this remix, a light, clear voice to match Usher’s.

    The Khia reference was cute though.


  7. HeavyBass

    A female feature is just what this song needed. This sounds so much better than the original – This should have been the original! Off topic would love a Usher/Rihanna collabo for his or her album.


  8. rnb

    Usher…forever my KING!



    babe killed it


  10. Mao_the_cat

    Mila J is GREAT! Damn, her voice on this track sounds so cool!


  11. stuff

    yoo shes killin !! loyal remix now this !! Go mila ! I kno M.I.L.A will be a great album!!


  12. Jay

    This is horrible…….her smoke drink break up song is cool but she ruined this song…..could have kept that


  13. JD

    This was ok, still not in the same league as the original.


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