Rihanna Shares Bond with Fans in ‘Half of Me’ Documentary

Rihanna shares her connection with her fans in her new documentary Half of Me. The 11-minute black-and-white film, presented by Budweiser, is told from the perspective of her Navy and herself. They share how the singer affected their lives and how she in turn has been touched by them.

“Everything that I have acquired, everything that I have accomplished, I really owe it to my fans,” said a grateful RiRi. “It’s really them that made that happen, so my fans, they mean everything to me.”

One fan explained why the pop star is loved by so many. “We’re all the same as her, to be honest. That’s why she’s got so many fans and that’s why everyone loves her. She’s so much like us.”

Earlier this week, Rihanna shot a video for her next Unapologetic single “What Now” in Thailand.

Witness the special bond between RiRi and her fans in the short film.