Powerball (Freestyle)

New Music: Wale – ‘Powerball (Freestyle)’

Fresh off his State of the Union performance, Wale is feeling like he won the “Powerball.” The D.C. rapper drops a new freestyle inspired by the record-setting $1.5 billion jackpot. Over the Symphony & D.O. Speaks production, he reveals how he’d spend his winnings.

“If a ni**a ask me how I’d spend a billion dollars / I’d say, blow this shit in one day, ho,” he raps.

He would also take care of his mama and partners, bring back WWE Hall of Fame announcer Jim Ross, and “take a million homeless to the mall.” But despite all that money, he wouldn’t abandon his rap career: “I’d still do a feature for $80k.”

Hear Wale get his splurge on.