Forest Hills Drive Live

Stream J. Cole’s Album ‘Forest Hills Drive Live’

J. Cole celebrates his birthday with the release of Forest Hills Drive: Live from Fayetteville, NC. The 13 tracks were recorded live from Cole’s sold-out show at Crown Coliseum in his hometown of Fayetteville, N.C. last fall, and were featured in his HBO documentary Forest Hills Drive: Homecoming.

In addition to songs from his chart-topping album 2014 Forest Hills Drive, the live set includes a medley of “Lights Please,” “In the Morning,” and “Nobody’s Perfect.”

“History turned into an album,” tweeted Cole. “What a year. Hip hop deserves a live album.”

On Wednesday, a few lucky fans received advance copies of the album from Cole and Roc Nation. Now it is available to purchase on iTunes and stream on Spotify.