André 3000 Shows Love to Kid Cudi, Young Thug, & Future

  /  02.26.2016

André 3000 has shied away from the spotlight, but he made a surprise appearance during L.A. Reid’s interview earlier this month. While the Epic Records CEO was promoting his book Sing to Me on “The Kidd Kraddick Morning Show,” the OutKast rapper happened to be in the building and dropped by to say hi. Next thing you know, Reid’s “favorite artist in the world” was being interviewed by the hosts about his favorite artists (Kid Cudi, Young Thug, and Future), social media beefs, and his son Seven, who he says is a star in the making.

According to the “American Crime” star, the 18-year-old, who he shares with Erykah Badu, knows how to flow.

“He can actually rap but he don’t want people to know that he can rap,” said Three Stacks (via HHNM). “He’s good. He’s actually good. I told him to [release it] and don’t tell people, just put it out. If people like it, they just like it. You can reveal at any time. He might already have songs out y’all listen to.”

Check out more highlights from the rare two-part interview below.

On what he’s listening to: “Kid Cudi’s last album, [Speedin’ Bullet 2 Heaven,] is the best thing to come out in a long time. [Young] Thug is charging up the rap game. Future is charging up the rap game. These are people I’m listening to. My kid turns me on to everybody new so I listen to what he listens to riding to school.”

On social media beefs: “I don’t know. I can’t speak on it because I’ve never had Twitter, or Instagram, or Facebook. But I’ve heard about it, and I’ve heard people get excited and speak the first thing on their mind.”

On his need for social media: “I do need it now. It’s like a new world. It’s as if I’m still using a regular telephone. So, you kind of gotta get with it. One day, I will get with it when I have something to say or to promote or something.”

On freestyling: “I think you can work at being a better freestyler. I’m not a good freestyler. I think it’s a confidence thing and an overthinking thing too. You gotta just let your mind free. Actually, that’s the greatest asset to rappers now. They actually freestyle most of those verses we hear. They don’t write. They laugh at us when we write. They do. [With writing], you have like a barrier kind of. I can hear that they’re just going with the first thing that comes to mind, even if it’s about drinking, smoking, and girls, it’s pure, though.”


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