Young M.A.

Video: Young M.A. – ‘Get This Money’

Young M.A. is out to “Get This Money” on game night in the video for her latest single off 2015’s Sleep Walkin mixtape.

Like Jay Z and the Notorious B.I.G. did in the classic “Dead Presidents” music video, M.A. joins friends in a game of Monopoly using real money. With stacks all around, it’s the perfect backdrop for her dough-focused lyrics.

“Money rule,” she raps. “When you get it, you flip it / I’m lying ’cause as soon as I get it, I spend it.”

Throughout the Guy Blelloch-directed clip, M.A. lets her hair down and shows how she likes to have fun. Whether drinking Henny, rolling dice, playing cards, or using flip phones, the “Ooouuu” star is always surrounded by friends and money.

Prior to this, M.A. released a visual for a shortened version of “Get This Money” at the end of her “EAT” clip. Watch the new, more complete version of the video below.