Desiigner and Nardwuar

Desiigner Talks Kanye West, Lil' Kim, & Childhood with Nardwuar

  /  03.20.2017

Desiigner meets “The Human Serviette” in the eccentric Nardwuar’s latest interview.

The conversation swayed from the “Panda” hitmaker’s usual high jinks, animated ad-lib sound effects, and exaggerated dance moves, to more serious topics, including his less-than-privileged upbringing.

“[I] never had my own bed,” reveals Desiigner. “Always slept on the carpet, man, or I used to sleep on the couch.”

Recalling life in the projects, he added: “That was the struggle, man. Came off of it though.”

The interview also delved into his grandfather’s music career, his bonds with Kanye West and Lil’ Kim, and his Caribbean roots.

On His Grandfather Guitar Crusher: “That’s my grandfather, man. Shoutout my grandfather Guitar Crusher, the original, the king…I’m a fan of him. He inspired me throughout my music career. This the gene of him.”

On His Upbringing: “It was definitely an experience…I think being in the projects drove me stronger. It put me in that high mind state, that high-powered mind.”

On Lil’ Kim: “Shoutout Lil’ Kim…You dig? That’s the sis. We pulled up on sis, showed up, made love, you already know how we do it, man. You know how we do it. Aye! Aye!”

On Kanye West’s The Life of Pablo: “Every time I look at this album, it just give me remembrance and a kickback and a time through life.”

On Barbados: “I wanna go there. I’ve never been there. I definitely wanna go there. My family, my roots are there. I gotta go there.”

On Why People Should Care About Him: “People should care about me because I’m that energy man. I’m going to bring it to you. I’m always going to make your day happy. I’m here to make music for us, to make us dance, to enjoy, to bring creativity. So you should always pay attention to me.”

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