Dave East and Beanie Sigel

Video: Dave East feat. Beanie Sigel – ‘The Real Is Back’

Dave East travels from Harlem to Philly for “The Real Is Back,” a music video for his Beanie Sigel collaboration off last year’s Kairi Chanel.

The Def Jam/Mass Appeal MC joins the Broadstreet Bully in the North Philly block where his aunt lives. It just so happens to be Sigel’s hometown too. The visual keeps it simple, allowing Dave and Beans to spit their gritty rhymes while backing each other up.

Speaking of the video, Dave tells Noisey it was a bucket list check mark. “That was like a dream come true for me because Sigel is one of my top three favorite rappers of all time,” he said. “I grew up on Beans. Just to be able to be in the same room. He gave me a lot of game that night. We both Muslim so that was another level of respect. It was beautiful, man. That whole thing let me know I’m still on pace to be where I need to be.”

Beans and Dave were joined by a group of locals who regard Sigel as a hometown hero. “That’s like their Jay Z,” Dave explained. “It was like I was outside with somebody that’s been my man my whole life but it was Sigel. It was crazy.”

Sadly, one of Dave’s cousins, who appears in the visual, recently lost his life. “RIP to my cousin Mark aka Mugga,” East added. “He’s in the video. He got killed last week.”

“The Real Is Back” follows KC videos for “It Was Written,” “30 Ni**az,” and “Type of Time.” Dave is reportedly 40 songs into the recording process for his next project. For now, fans can enjoy the Kairi Chanel standout “The Real Is Back” below.