Video: Macklemore feat. Skylar Grey - 'Glorious'

  /  07.06.2017

It’s a family affair in Macklemore’s feel-good video for “Glorious.”

For his grandmother Helen’s 100th birthday, the Seattle rapper flies to Modesto, Calif. to surprise her and treat her to a fun-filled day.

His grandma appears genuinely surprised when he arrives. “You made me cry,” she says. “What do you want to do, go outside and have a drink? No, you don’t drink. Just me. I took up your habit.”

But instead of hanging out at the house, Macklemore takes her on a ride in her new whip. “Today, we’re gonna do whatever you want to do,” he says. “Anything you want to do.”

The celebratory day includes egging a house, buying Yeezys, and enjoying some karaoke, before hitting the arcade for some fun. After a trip to a supermarket, tattoo shop, and, of course, thrift shop, the pair goes home to a surprise party.

Making the day extra special, Macklemore lights 100 candles and even helps his grandma blow them out. While he handles the BBQ grill, a fireman stripper arrives for granny and her gal pals. For the video’s finale, Mack and Helen drive off into the “Glorious” sunset.

The Skylar Grey-assisted “Glorious” is the first single off Macklemore’s upcoming sophomore solo album, his first since parting ways with Ryan Lewis. The duo released 2012’s The Heist and 2015’s This Unruly Mess I’ve Made together. This will be Mack’s first solo LP since 2005’s The Language of My World.

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