Eminem, Mariah Carey, and Nick Cannon

Eminem Reignites Beef with Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon on 'Lord Above'

  /  12.06.2019

Shady’s back.

Fat Joe and Dre’s joint album Family Ties arrived on Friday featuring a collaboration with Eminem, who reignites his decade-old feud with Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon on “Lord Above,” which also features Mary J. Blige.

“Word to the Terror Squad, Joe, this is all puns aside though / I know me and Mariah didn’t end on a high note,” raps Em. “But that other dude’s whipped, that pussy got him neutered / Tried to tell him this chick’s a nut job ‘fore he got his jewels clipped.”

The shots continue: “Almost got my caboose kicked, fool, quit, you not gon’ do shit / I let her chop my balls off too ‘fore I lost to you, Nick / I should quit watchin’ news clips, yeah / My balls are too big, I should be talkin’ pool / ‘Cause I got scratches on my pockets, fall when I’m takin’ shots at you.”

Eminem and Nick’s beef dates back to 2009 when Em dissed Mariah on “Bagpipes from Baghdad” on his Relapse album (“Nick Cannon, I wish you luck with the fucking whore,” he rapped). Mariah responded with her own Shady-inspired track, 2009’s “Obsessed,” and Nick even threatened to kick Em’s ass for going at his then-wife.

“I said that, ‘I know I’m not gon’ be able to outrap you, but I will woop your ass.’ Those were the exact words,” he recently told T.I. on his “expediTIously” podcast.

But Nick believes the Detroit rapper is not as tough as he seems. “They like to build up these superhero characters, but if you’ve ever seen Marshall Mathers in person, he’s not someone who looks like he really wants smoke with most,” he said.

Fat Joe, who passed on the opportunity to sign Eminem on six different occasions, previously teased Em’s diss track. “[It’s] the most disrespectful song. Eminem has not rhymed like this in years,” he told “Sway in the Morning.”


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