Video: 50 Cent on His Son, Lil Wayne, and ‘T.O.S.’

Fresh from court, 50 Cent speaks on fighting over custody of his son Marquise, Lil Wayne, and the less than stellar sales of G-Unit’s T.O.S.

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  1. BrownSugga

    Go chill in a park in tha hooood 50…chillin in some lame park with a bunch of wht ppl dont mean sh*t…

  2. The Kidd

    50 was speakin the truth

    and BrownSugga Can shut the F*ck Up

  3. Catie

    If someone watches the whole thing, can you tell me when he talks about the album sales?

  4. jigga

    50 u sound so lame homeboi shut da fuck up…

  5. dulzemorena

    I really like 50\’s website It\’s very creative. Also, it showcases a soft, funny and intelligent side of his personality that he normally does not normally reveal to to the public.

    I hope both parents will start to exercise common sense before someone gets hurt(keep hope alive). 50 cent\’s comment about everything but his BabyMa\’s purses bruning in the fire is hysterical. Seriously, should 50 Cent\’s babyma be rocking purses from PayLess or Old Navy??? Hell NO !!!!!! He should break her off to get ride of her as__ and keep it moving. 50…..she just wants a rub and a check to be on her merry way.

    I know Ed Lover on Power 105 loves and it\’s mockery of Young Buck…………..\

  6. LiL ace

    50 Cent is the best!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!