Video: Rihanna f/ Justin Timberlake – ‘Rehab’


Rihanna and Justin Timberlake get hot and steamy in the Barbados beauty’s new video for “Rehab.” The Timbaland-produced track was co-written by Justin. The clip was shot at Vasquez Rocks Park near Los Angeles and directed by Anthony Mandler, who has directed most of Rihanna’s videos.

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  1. branfan07


  2. altered_mind

    It is very pretty . . . but also boring. It is like a model ad.

  3. lovemya

    not liking this kind of boring should of did Breakin Dishes..

  4. kay

    Oh gosh that’s just too blah ! BO-RiiiNG ! like the 100th single, don’t give a f*** ’bout that talentless girl, my Bee is back so

    Rihanna, SHE AINT NO DIVAAA !

  5. Monica

    beyonce who???this video is hot shes looks sooo damn gorgeous

  6. MIA


  7. Catie

    The song isn’t bad but the video isn’t anything special. JT is gorgeous though =)

  8. leah

    Rihanna is soooooooooo the shit, love her…she looks gorgeous

  9. christian

    Damn Rihanna if fine…Hottest in the Game

  10. christian


  11. Amy

    Dng Justin fine, Rihanna is just 2 pretty i mean it\’s not…go but Beyonce\’s new album 2 morow

  12. miles

    mya is better a has a hella better body and more talent sugarNspice dec.3 mya is like whoa haters go see the new video paradise!!!

  13. LaMont

    I’m not feeling this video! :x

  14. AAWesome

    Kay… I LOVE Rihanna, but your last statement in your comment was WRONG, but FUNNY as hell. I caught that! LMAO

  15. Galil ( PINOY Baby)

    I like the video because Rihanna is in it nothing else. She is HOT!!! FUCK lucky Justin.