Exclusive: On Set of The-Dream’s ‘Rockin” Video


The-Dream shot a video for “Rockin’ That Shit” on Tuesday in Los Angeles with director Ray Kay. The song can be found on the “Umbrella” songwriter’s sophomore album Love vs. Money (March 10). Rap-Up.com was on set for all the action.

There was plenty of eye candy in the building, including Dream’s girl group Electrik Red, but Mr. Radio Killa had his eye on one lady in particular, Christina Milian. The couple showed lots of PDA, holding hands and flirting on set. Looks like Christina has found her new Dream man.


The-Dream rocks the mic.


The video also includes the singer-songwriter’s new ballad “Fancy.”


Rap-Up cover girl Christina Milian holds her hot-selling cover.


Dream’s girl group Electrik Red are red hot in 6-inch stilettos.


Everyone on set was head over heels for Electrik Red.


We’re your Dreamgirls…


The dancers perform a sexy routine.


Superstar director Ray Kay views the monitor.

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  1. d

    christina\’s just lost all credibility with this one.


  2. dime

    christina is f*cking for beats she is wack in my book now


  3. TVA

    If you are in the industry and working on albums those are the folks you spend all of your time with. It’s no different than hooking up at the office. You looking those people in the face everyday you bound to find one you like especially in the absence of other choices.

    At least she’s not marrying dancers……..but I guess she’s not loaded enough for one of them to latch on yet.


  4. Rap-Up-Player

    Rap-Up are u guys sure???

    Bc shes been with dre and they were spotted together in mid-december.

    Rap-up is she REALLY with Dream???


  5. Dominicano

    yay christina got a sexy song from the dream and electrik red lookin sexy!!!


  6. OMG

    OMG! He is married to NIVEA. He better hope she doesnt find out about this. Im gonna call her NOW…Well, I would if I had her number. How dare him?


  7. Rap-Up-Player

    Him and Nivea are divorced since last year or 07.


  8. d

    sorry TVA. marrying a dancer is not bad. that’s when i’ll use the excuse that they are together a lot.

    sleeping with every rapper producer you work with (usually for one song or 2) is straight whorish. there i said it

    beautiful girl but if this is true she’s done. more so than she already is. just depend on acting


  9. love bee

    daym millian is getting around aye this is out of the blue but hey whatever I LOVE THIS SONG, I LOVE The-Dream & cannot wait for this video looks HOT!


  10. Dillon_68


    Christina is TOO SEXY, but isn\\\’t Dream dating the girl from Falsetto video? That\\\’s what I read in Vibe Magazine.


  11. Catie

    Isn’t Christina dating Dre?

    BTW, she looks gorgeous. Everyone needs to buy her single, “Us Against the World”, off of iTunes!


  12. Jason

    I’ve officially lost 100% of my respect for her. She probably the sluttiest girl on the face of this earth.


  13. LaMont

    Why is everybody calling my girl C.Milli a slut just because she’s rumor to be dating the Dream.So what if she is…that doesn’t make her a slut y’all don’t even know if it’s true or not.Besides those celebrity couples don’t stay together long anyway.


  14. Catie

    Christina can do 10x better than The Dream, he’s like Lil Jon, only looks decent with shades on.


  15. Julian

    I dunno, I see not pics of Christina and “The Dream” holding hands, I think the media might have this twisted like the Lil Jon and Murphy Lee thing. I don’t think Christina would cheat, I’ve always seen her to be a very loyal, kindhearted and respectful person.


  16. bass_man

    i thought the-dream was with kris jacob and christina with somebody else? uh-ooh..


  17. Julian

    Christina is with Andre Lyon (AKA “Dre”), she is not dating “The Dream”, they are just working on music. They are friends.


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