Pussycat Dolls vs. Rihanna – ‘Bad Girl’

Nicole Scherzinger vs. Rihanna

The Pussycat Dolls and Rihanna are superbad chicks, but who’s the baddest? Both artists have recorded versions of the Polow Da Don-produced banger “Bad Girl.” Rihanna’s song surfaced last month and featured a rap from Chris Brown. Now the PCD (or Nicole Scherzinger) version is out. Listen to both below.

The Pussycat Dolls – “Bad Girl”
Rihanna f/ Chris Brown – “Bad Girl”

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  1. Katie

    chris brown makes me feel sick right now.. jus wanna throw up all over his disgusting ugly face.


  2. Curt

    I agree with that I just turn my iPod to another song when he comes on …


  3. me

    people should wait for all the facts. i for one don’t think it’s okay to hit a woman. nor do i think a woman should hit a man


  4. saliarai

    I’m not even gonna bother listening to the version with Chris Brown again….what a loser

    And @ME you sound like an obsessed stan if you think its okay for Chris to do what he did.


  5. !watevaisayistrue!

    Yeah I too am mad at what we know as of now concerning CB….I am very disapointed im not a stan but but i “liked” him as a person and i think that this is gonna hurt him in the long run….look at Micheal Jackson R.Kelly….ETC….


  6. d

    nicole is clearer and carries the swag..and a better singer.


  7. Jazmine

    1st Off Ya’ll Need To STFU None Of Ya’ll Was In The Car & ALL The Media Is Doing Is REACHING For A Story They ALL Keep Saying “Sources” Sources Can Be Anyone Without A Life Making Shit Up On A Damn Blog Blaming
    STD’S For The Reason He “Allegedly” Whopped Her Ass
    2nd Goes To #1 Chris Brown Is Far From Ugly
    3rd Rihanna Version Is Wayyyyyyyyyy Better It Fits Her


  8. Dz

    As far as I’m concerned, jazmine wasn’t in the car either. .. You sound like a fan in denial.

    I don’t think she gave him an STD and that’s why he beat her up. That sounds too exxagerated. Ill believe that when they come out and say, which I doubt they will. Lol. But anyway, reliable sources to say that Chris Brown was at fault and Rihanna was the victim. I don’t care wut happened, a man should NOT put his hands on a woman like that. Definitely makes chris brown look like a pussy.


  9. mexarican

    PCD’s a better version …
    and everyone is human so C.breezy reacted when Rhianna swung at him… big deal


  10. Sabz

    I think everyone who is hatin on chris brown needs to wait for all the facts and to be honest he probably had a good reason 4 hitting her its not like he just randomly did it we dont even know what she did to him so lets just all but out! AS 4 the track “bad girl” Rihanna & chris’s version is ten times betta than nicoles !!!


  11. jo

    dude rihanna sounds like shes dying in the song plus chris brown rapping?!? hell naw! he already cant sing lol pussycat dolls version is hella better


  12. J

    i like rihs version better
    nicole sounds funny singin it to me n i dnt really see this as her usual type of music ..


  13. frann

    well, in my opinion the song itself sucks
    but it sounds better with rihanna’s voice then pcd’s
    and as for cb’s rap…ok


  14. Bijan

    pcds is better


  15. Jazmine

    DZ Go Jump Off A Cliff I Aint A Fan Of NEITHER One
    Of Them Just Because I Said The Media Is REACHING For A Story Making Up Lies About Him Using Weapons
    Or Her Giving Him Herpes That Makes Me A Fan? I NEVER Said He Didn’t Hit Her What I Said Was The Media Is Reaching For A Story To Make It Juicer So You Feel Dumb Now Go Somewhere And Play With Ya Self


  16. rina

    nicoleeeeeeeee is more better than rihanna peopleeeee….


  17. jopacangrie

    tha’s true Nicoee is way better than rihanna sow cme on i love Nicole version it’s voice sound sow cool she is tha “Bad Girl” Love Nicole


  18. Kyus

    pcds version is wayyyyyyy better. its a bit short though





  20. susan shevlin

    nicole much,much better than her, no need explanation. nicole has incredible voice!!!


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