Video: Jim Jones – ‘Na Na Nana Na Na’

Jim Jones

Jim Jones is gettin’ money like “Na Na Nana Na Na” with the latest single off his Pray IV Reign album, due out on March 24.

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  1. dillon_68

    I hated this at first, but its actually pretty decent!



  2. nickd

    lol !

    this is ridiculous !

    all these talk about money and all that and they dont have anything of what they show at the videos lol
    all are rented or given for advertising all that lol.

    when did that ‘jim jones’ person that i hear for the first time got all that lol..

    pathetic, keep on sleeping


  3. Eurogang

    Nickd, know your rap music.

    Jim jones has been here for the last ten years or so.


  4. jujubelle

    Maybe this was filmed before his credit card got declined to pay for a $500/ night hotel room….eh…


  5. Lucy

    I was looking everywhere and this popped up like notihng!


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