Rihanna’s Got Herself a Gun

Rihanna Gun Tat

Rihanna has added some new ink on her ribcage. Tattoo artist BangBang posted a photo of the Barbados singer’s latest gun tattoo on his MySpace page. RiRi got the tat done at her Los Angeles home after her fight with Chris Brown.

Click below to see where BangBang originally wanted to put the guns, but didn’t because “CoverGirl wouldn’t have liked it much…and they pay the bills!”

Rihanna Gun Tats

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  1. BP86

    There’s something about the look in her eyes….it’s…different. disturbing in a way. Something’s off. I clearly can’t be the only one who see’s it, but whatever. I don’t care much for her at all, but still. Let’s hope she doesn’t go off the deep end.





  3. jgriffin91

    WOAH..she has really lost it..?? a gun?? WTF that is pretty random..


  4. Giselle

    It’s tasteful. Just because she got guns tattooed on her she’s crazy? What about the people who get skull heads and other dumb shit tatted? Leave her alone.





  6. dona

    she s commpletely lost it


  7. jopacangrie

    poor rihanna


  8. Catie

    Hmm, not liking it. It just looks stupid.


  9. Travis

    Don’t believe the hype, I’m hoping this is just some sick Hollywood joke and just photoshopped or something. I know everyone got crazier tat’s than this, but this like random and doesn’t look right on Rihanna.


  10. keny aka I Love CiCi (im her man)

    Rihanna is doing all of this shit for publicity. Britney Spears came and redeemed her pop queen spot which Rihanna was baby sitting, her hype is over and she needs something to make her more relatable so she’s going off the deep end for media attention. I’m telling you, this publicity game is dangerous, smh!


  11. kaylacherise

    leave rihanna alone she 21 years old let her act like it. if she wants a damn tattoo then let her get 1…n if its a gun then oh well


  12. Tiffany

    Well I feel that what happen is bad and wrong and I wish the best for the both of them.


  13. IndustryMan

    Rihanna and Chris Chris Brown have to play their cards very carefully. Teenagers are making their careers right now not adults….that being said one false move and they will end up next to Five Star and The Jets…Who? you say…my point exactly. This whole bit of drama has done some damage….Doublemint has already dropped Chris, only time will tell if Covergirl wants Rihanna on the Cover…


  14. demetria

    this sum dumb shit!if rihanna wanted to get them tats then thats on her!dont blame it all on chris brown cuz it was partly her fault too!!rihanna the one actin like a lil hoe so chris brown treated her like one so she got whAT SHE DESERVED.yea hitting her was wrong but chris brown played the man in the relationship.sorry to say he not perfect but then again nobody is!!!you cant put all that against chris.he did the crime hes servin the time like any other human.jux cuz he a popstar dnt mean nun he still uh human too.


  15. Pearl

    Wow that just shows what Chris did


  16. Pearl

    Poor her


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