New Music: Queen Latifah – ‘Chainzzz’


The original femcee, Queen Latifah, returns to her musical roots with “Chainzzz,” the lead single from her seventh studio album, Persona (July 7). While not quite the “U.N.I.T.Y.” rap comeback we were hoping for, the Queen still reigns supreme on the dance track.

Queen Latifah – “Chainzzz”

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  1. dan

    hot pic!

    and a hot song, like it


  2. Kyle

    not bad at all. catchy pop-ish song.


  3. Nick

    I laughed when I saw this.



  4. Electrik Red- How To Be Lady Vol.1 May 26th

    Hot song the true queen is bak!!!!!!!


  5. Giselle

    She’s talented.


  6. bass_man

    She’s a legend!

    It’s a little too Nicole Scherzinger for me, but it’s the Queen.


  7. Rick

    Love Latifah, but she needs to sit her old a** down.

    Leave this kind of music for the younger singers.


  8. DJ Triumph

    the queen is back really good song.


  9. Catie

    Wow, i almost didn’t recognize her voice. She really can do anything. The song isn’t bad, it’s a bit more rock than i expected.


  10. babybenz

    Not bad at all, its the Queen! Hola Dj Triumph…


  11. Ronald Reid

    You are right catie, if they didn’t say it was the Queen i wouldnt have known…..Sounds really different but good.


  12. Federica

    what is this pop s**t


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