Eminem Co-Signs Bobby Ray aka B.o.B.

Eminem and Bobby Ray

While Eminem calls Asher Roth “dope” and admits that he “likes” Kid Cudi, he’s showering his praises upon Bobby Ray aka B.o.B.

Em spoke highly of the 20-year-old Atlanta musician, who is signed to T.I.’s Grand Hustle label. “B.o.B. is crazy,” Eminem said on Wednesday’s “106 & Park.” “That dude can rap, he can sing, he makes his own beats, he can play guitar, he can play the keyboard.”

The veteran rapper and newcomer have already hit the studio together. “We actually recently worked together a couple of months ago in Detroit and I was like, ‘Do you dance too? What don’t you do?’ I think he’s like 20 years old and the dude is like crazy talented, especially for his age.”

Bobby Ray calls himself the next “rock star.” He’s inspired by bands including Coldplay, Foo Fighters, and My Chemical Romance. His debut album The Adventures of Bobby Ray is due out later this year. Listen to his reinterpretation of A Tribe Called Quest’s “Bonita Applebum.”

With all the fresh talent, “hip-hop is in a good place right now,” Em added.

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  1. MissCandyce

    F**k Beyonce

    I really like this guy…Hope he does good


  2. American Dream

    Hip-Hop is not in good hands out of all these artists one or two if there lucky will sell like a Eminem, a T.I. a 50 Cent or a Jay Z but with all these so call people out Bobby Ray (B.O.B) is a great artist I will believe hip-hop is so called saved when all these people drop an album and the only person who dropped an album was asher roth cuz he was a. white & b. trying to be like the next eminem if he says it or not but b.o.b and kid cudi have dopper songs out and have been out for a hot min more than asher and he got his album to drop first so we will see nice post though Eminem is the king of hip-hop and is in and should be in the top 5 dead or alive


  3. bass_man

    I am one of those listeners who are very excited for BoB , like for real!

    I think he’s really something.

    I’m so excited because Good Hip-Hop is on the rise this year. :D


  4. McSpankel

    I thought BOB is signed to Jim Jonsin’s label Rebel Rock?


  5. Luton Falls

    Cant wait for his album… he’s like Andre 3000 when OutKast did “The Whole World” Atlanta produces the best Producers!


  6. Davis3

    eminem and B.o.B are the sh!t. B.o.B is great talent. probly nowhere near eminems talent but he will learn a lot from em and do well!


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