Omarion Signs to Lil Wayne’s Label

Omarion and Lil Wayne

Omarion is officially a Young Money Millionaire. The R&B singer has signed a new deal with Lil Wayne’s imprint.

The Big O will join Drake, Tyga, and Nicki Minaj on the label Wayne built. “I’m excited ’cause I was with Sony, but I got released. I asked for a release,” he revealed to BBC 1Xtra’s Ace & Vis. “I’m with a new situation. I’m with Young Money/Cash Money. I’m Wayne’s artist.”

The “Ice Box” hitmaker felt like he didn’t have artistic freedom in his previous relationship. “Coming up in the game since I was 14, I would never say I had creative control,” he divulged. “I always had an influence of what they thought I should be. I felt like as an artist I wasn’t able to always project who I really am.”

Omarion feels right at home on Young Money. “I feel comfortable. Wayne respected who I wanted to be as an artist. No record company can do what Wayne is gonna do.” The two collaborated on the leaked track “Comfort.”

There was earlier speculation that O had signed to Timbaland’s label, Mosley Music Group. Omarion is currently working on his third solo album. He remains under Chris Stokes’ TUG management.

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  1. you already know[gave him swag,and a duffle bag]

    WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOW. This is crazy. Yeah he got tired of Chris Stoks fucking over his career. He should have left when the rest of the boys left. So i guess for all the ppl that said J-Boog, lil Fizz, and Raze-b were lying they wasn’t. SMH. Do you O.


  2. Lana B. Eezy



  3. carl



  4. Quint

    cash money/young money is becoming the death row of this decade (minus the gangsta rap)..


  5. tell'em

    you already know[gave him swag,and a duffle bag],

    I guess you didn’t read the whole article. He’s still under Chris “boy luvin” Stokes TUG something management. the Mosely deal with Timbo likely fell through.


  6. Electrik Red- "P Is For Power" Next Single!!!!



  7. G girl the bay mayne yaddamean

    I’ve known he was signed to YM since Wayne announced it on the I Am music tour back in March. Good luck 2 him & the whole YME family there is so much talent on the label Wayne better make sure he puts 110% behind them so they can share their music with the world.


  8. prince

    Lil wayne is the best.


  9. prince

    young money



    um ok what happened to the deal with Timbalands label Mosely Music group/interscope i thought Omarion was gonna get a timbaland produced album? Damn guess that didnt work out i wonder what producers hes gonna be workin with now.


  11. prince

    i don’t know man.


  12. hello

    nothing will change
    flops galore
    next plz!!!


  13. DJ Triumph

    let hope it work.


  14. DJ Triumph

    i guess it fell through Nikehead.


  15. X-CookS-X

    lil wayne rocks..!!
    Hes most def a bausssee!!


  16. really

    lil wayne gon f****d him over like he doing everyone else thats still waiting to drop


  17. Zehran

    I jst wondr when is he gna release


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