LeToya Runs Into Beyoncé at BET Awards

LeToya Luckett and Beyoncé

The rumors can finally be put to bed. LeToya Luckett and Beyoncé are cool.

The Destiny’s Child members saw each other for the first time “in years” backstage at Sunday’s BET Awards. There had been rumors that Beyoncé’s father-manager, Mathew Knowles, tried to have LeToya banned from the awards show, but B’s actions spoke differently.

“We did get a chance to see each other backstage and it was really cool, hadn’t seen her in a while,” LeToya told DJ Skee on KIIS FM’s “New Music Show.” “She went out of her way to get around security to basically say, ‘Hey girl.’ It was cool.”

The “Not Anymore” singer said she would love to collaborate with her former bandmate. “I would love to do a song with B. She’s just an amazing person and we already know how talented she is. I don’t even need to go into that.”

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  1. gee man

    Doubt that will happen if our modern day Joe Jackson has anything to do with it.


  2. eatme

    Oh please just because Beyonce and LeToya were cordial towards each other don’t mean a darn thang. It is called being polite. The rumor is about Matthew not Beyonce. LeToya is cute.


  3. stop hating

    All yall haters need to be quiet. Theey both beautiful. damn when they both said things was cool b4 why ……….why ugh i cant its really sad. haters get a life. im tired of saying the right thing to dumb people (haters)


  4. Jay

    That’s great! I am so glad they are cool after all these years!

    You just can’t believe everything you hear. People are gonna always hate, cause they just wants some drama between the two…I wouldn’t even listen to it.

    and if they did a record together I would be the first person to pick that up!


  5. DJ Triumph

    that true eatme but I’m happy to see they are polite.


  6. MaZ

    I agree with Eatme


  7. Kid Fury

    “Are you dating Slim Th–”




  8. justin

    I love Letoya i hope they do a song together that would be a for sure number 1


  9. Kyle

    Letoya looks so great in that picture above! And she is so nice, I really respect her humbleness.


  10. lame

    i love how bey went out of her way to say hi to her. Thats wsup. real classy lady.


  11. alpo

    i luv u toya


  12. Theodore

    I love beyonce wit awl my life. Wonder what a duet btween da 2 wud b lyk? Bt my dream is 4 bey nd brit 2 sing a song 2getha


  13. KingMo

    That was really nice of Bey to do…some ppl just need to learn not to believe all u hear…especially in this business where rumours are made on a daily basis…I would love if they did a record together…that wud b HOT.


  14. fatu sankoh

    beyonce is one of nicest good hearted star out their on matter what the former band mate do or say about her bey is always good to them that is why god is blessing her and will countening to bless i here all about the rumours and her the latoyo on the radio talking like is all true but we bey fan know what they after god bless our bey


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