Christina Milian Is Rockin’ That Ring

Christina Milian

The future Mrs. Nash, aka Christina Milian, showed off her engagement ring from The-Dream at music executive Billy Clark’s birthday celebration in Hollywood on Saturday. So that’s what all the “Umbrella” and “Single Ladies” songwriting money will buy you.

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  1. justin

    Ah she is beautiful hope it all works out for them the best!


  2. nikehead

    i wish them the best and all but why is my natural reaction that shes using the dream for money, to get where she needs to be and thats to have a successful album and to get some #1 hits on her belt. Then when thats all said and done they will split. I see “Gold Digger” written all over her face!


  3. drtash

    ^^I sooo agree with you, for some reason I feel like she’s just doing it to get her name out cause it seemed so sudden. First she said they weren’t together, then the next time you see her she’s french-kissing him at the beach, then the next time she’s got a ring on her finger. I hope it’s real love not the Kelis-type love as we know how that turned out. I ain’t saying she’s a golddigger but…


  4. Mark

    Get that hit biatch!


  5. mr_baxter

    pathetic….. attention wh@re


  6. letstalktruth

    Im sorry i dont hate on noone relationship but she been with so many people in the industry no all of a sudden she so in love with dream sice she working on her album its all for attention cause lets be honest no one is really checkin for that next christina millian album she using his fame to build hers up


  7. Dominicano



  8. gold digger

    She is an attention whore n I woulda thought da ring woulda been better but she is a hoe she’s sleepin wit 2 many of these people n da industry let’s keep our legs closed 4 a lil longer she’s skippin from 1 man 2 da next a lil 2 soon 4 me but I hope everything works out n she doesn’t have a new man next month


  9. Kelly Rowland

    christina worked her magic on dream just like how beyonce worked her magic on jay-z even though beyonce already made a name for herself


  10. Honneyy

    wat do you see in dream cmili???
    this is just to get free album production and ish..t will be ova in


  11. LiCari

    The Dream works with Mariah
    Nick and CMili used to date
    Nick is married to Mariah
    The Dream and CMili are engaged

    sooo weirddd. .


  12. dan

    dont know….

    i used to like her…but whats that? they have a relationship for like…3 months?
    and now they marry? a bit quick, isn’t it?

    she seems so fake these days


  13. Nina

    I like Christina Milian, let me say that first..


    did anybody else ever notice that she is always with the producer/rapper that is HOT right now?

    Is this love or a music business strategy?

    She should release a new HIT to be in the news..


  14. Burmy

    IF the wedding takes place (and that is a BIG IF), y’already know errbody’s gonna laugh when the minister says “till death do you part”…

    After all, since Dream couldn’t keep that vow to Nivea, what makes you think he’s gonna keep it to C-Milli?


  15. Jay

    Man that’s a big rock!

    Hope everything works out for them


  16. gina

    I hate when girls like her denounce being black. Liek she said before I AM NOT BLACK, yet she dates black men, tries to pass as black and act black but is really Latina, she says. Make up your mind Christina. Youre like Rosario Dawson too, I’m not Black. Dont yall know the slave ships stopped everywhere/ Stop hating on black then turn around a be in Black magazines and co star with black men. Eva Longoria too, She tells everyone her NBA man is French. His daddy is black and his mom is Swedish, she just didnt want her prejudice grandmother to know. She even got married in France to carry out her own lie. Tony Parker grew up in France, look it up. Tony parker is Biracial, not FRENCH.


  17. gina



  18. Bunny

    Alright Gina, what ure sayin is absolutely bullshit im sorry but im biracial and i was born in france, i have french nationality, im def proud of my roots but when i travel all around the world, if someone ask me “hey where are u from?” I’ll say im french, not biracial( which is about ethnicity), its different


  19. lakeva

    that ring is hot


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