Pleasure P’s ‘Most Wanted’ Tour Diary

Jeremih, Drake, and Pleasure P

The “America’s Most Wanted Music Festival” kicked off Monday night at the Toyota Pavilion in Scranton, Pa. Pleasure P shares his tour diary from the first stop on the road with Drake, Jeremih, Soulja Boy, Young Jeezy, and Lil Wayne.

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  1. jorge

    yo im sorry but pleasure p that shit is corny gucci shoes belt and scarf i mean really lol why people try so hard i dont get it!


  2. Jay

    I swear Jeremih could’ve played Diddy in Notorious…look just like em!

    and “Break Up to Make Up” and “Hatin’ On Me” are my songs


  3. Jay



  4. Giselle

    Yes, Jeremih could be Diddy’s son. Didn’t know all of them were on this tour…


  5. bass_man

    P. What’s with the scarf on the head, dude?

    I can’t really get into Jeremih’s even took months for me to listen to “Birthday Sex” all the way through. He does favor Puddy lol

    This reminds me of that Scream concert tour.


  6. Jay

    I actually didn’t even think I would buy Jeremih’s album, but I did. I ain’t really get into Birthday Sex, but the rest of his stuff is good. The album’s a lot better than I thought it would be. He definitely got some great records on there. “Starting All Over” and “My Sunshine” really surprised me. I like him…he got potential.


  7. sexiikiim09

    yall most not hear imma star he doing pretty good for a new artist and yea he does look like diddy take that lol


  8. Jay

    @ sexiikiim09 yeah I almost forgot “Imma Star” is my jam! Love that song too!


  9. buddyreal

    drake & jeezy prolly wood b tha only reasons i’d go…(if i could stomach seeing wayne) then girl already bought tickets..but idk still


  10. jin

    wayne and sb are wack


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