New Music: Aubrey O’Day – ‘Party All the Time’

Aubrey O'Day

It’s Aubrey O’Day, bitch! The former Danity Kane member remakes Eddie Murphy and Rick James’ 1985 hit “Party All the Time” on her first solo record. The song features Young Money’s Shanell aka SnL and was produced by Maestro. Is the subject of this track the reason Danity Kane split?

Aubrey O’Day f/ Shanell – “Party All the Time”

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  1. SuperK

    I Love Aubery O’day… And Her Career Is Gonna Be Better Dawn…. She The Reason Danity Kane Split


  2. dr



  3. ali

    Love it hope it gets a uk release! Danity Kane should have gotton released in the uk and they could have been as big as destinys child over here!


  4. bass_man

    ooo i like it


  5. hhhhmm

    Hell Naw


  6. An0thrDream

    hell YEA!!

    this songs DOPE –

    hope she sky rockets


  7. Rockin All The Time

    Aubrey is a wh*re & I won’t support her but I DO hope that her career is bigger than Dawn’s, I’m not a full hater, lol!


  8. Jeremy

    dam this song is poppin….really luvin it. Is it gonna be on itunes? Aubrey really rocked this wow


  9. Aubzishot

    HOT HOT HOT! TRACK! Shanell and Aubrey definitely did their thing. haters fall back! I loveee the bridge that they wrote! Aubrey sangggg lol


  10. DJ Triumph

    nice track.


  11. haveclass

    dont like it sounds to much like the eddie murphy version she should have switch it up more she still a whore and needs to have more respect and class about herself Im not a hater just a respectful and classy female i dont have respect for females who try to become or remain famous by using there body if u have real talent show it without have to post your body on every website. i have a nice body but i will never flaunt it just to make myself known or important hope she does well with her music career


  12. shay babez

    on top of meh shut yo ass up if u dnt like it we dnt need ur negative ass comments!u dumb bitch if u was such a classy bitch which ur not u could have said to ur self it sounds to much like eddie murphy.she a whore all that other time keep yo comments to ur self.hatin ass
    -thanks bitch


  13. Unknown


    Aubrey was better in Danity kane. Now she sucks without them.


  14. bijan

    wow this sounds familiar…
    oh wait it’s an exact remake


  15. HAAAAA

    its a good song


  16. Miss Pixie

    I say give her a shot. All the whore, slut comments aren’t cute and right. Degrading woman isn’t right at all. No matter how negative and jacked up the person is.

    The song actually, while a remake is better than Eddie’s original. Go figure! The “Rick James Bitch” bit is hysterical though!


  17. Chris

    Nice enough song. This lady is fine. Would I marry her? No. Would I take her out for a night or two? Hell yes!


  18. Pinoy

    I would love 2 give her something that’s for sure!!!
    She doesn’t have to sing good just look good.


  19. Jay

    I don’t think Dawn was the reason for the split! Think it had to do with a lot of different things and poeple. I ain’t bout to get into that debate though.

    and yeah Aubrey is hott every man knows that.

    The song is aight

    Wish Aubrey the best, but I still miss DK


  20. Jay

    and is it just me or does Aubrey kinda sound like D Woods on some parts.


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