Video: Kristinia DeBarge – ‘Sabotage’

Kristinia DeBarge

Kristinia DeBarge battles good vs. evil in the TAJ-directed video for “Sabotage,” the second single off her debut album Exposed, which entered the charts at No. 23. Catch Kristinia opening for Britney Spears’ Circus tour starting August 20.

Source: MTV Buzzworthy

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  1. Mz.Ina

    She lookin cute, especially in the black jacket.
    I wasnt really into the dancing much. All she was doing was lookin like she was having a grandma seizure, doing the 2009 version of the bank head bounce. Loved her album, wish she take some dance lessons to match her good singing voice.


  2. cassiefan

    whooooooa i love her !!! i hope this song blows up


  3. ugh

    WOW this girl is gorgeous! shes got that sultry vibe without being whore-ish. good for her. the video was great but all the jiggling dance moves looked alittle weird. love the song though. picked up her album today and its really good.


  4. joe franco

    LOVE IT!!!!


  5. amaroth

    i think she is choosing the worst songs off of the album to release as singles….
    there are really good songs on the cd. but not goodbye or sabotage :(


  6. ashley

    sabotage and goodbye should be the single and her other songs r good 2 but those 2 r the best and she looked awesome in the video and she wasnt jiggly and didnt look like she was having a grandma siezure,her dancemoves were great!!!


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