Guess Who with Bill Gates

Guess Who

Who was looking like money standing next to billionaire Bill Gates?

Monica and Bill Gates

It’s Monica! The R&B songstress performed at the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation’s Get Schooled premiere and education conference at the Paramount Pictures lot in Hollywood on Tuesday (Sept. 8).

“This event is incredible,” Monica tweeted. “It’s bringing awareness and funding to our childrens’ schools.”

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  1. Andre Le Dale

    Do it Monica!!!!


  2. eriiclikewhoa

    i thought it was Keri! lol


  3. Giselle

    That’s pretty huge. can’t wait for her new album…


  4. Catie

    I love Monica but there’s something about that haircut that makes her look 10 years older.


  5. dee

    thawt it was rihanna :P


  6. Shalie

    Monica looks old for her age, and dresses sort of older, too.


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