Eminem Talks ‘Relapse 2,’ Lady Gaga, & 50 Cent

Eminem was a guest on his own Shade 45 station on SIRIUS XM on Saturday (Oct. 3). He spoke about working with 50 Cent and Just Blaze on Relapse 2, DJ Hero, bootlegging, a rumored collaboration with Lady Gaga, not buying 50 Cent’s new book, and his Halloween concert. Listen to parts 2-4 below.

Source: MakaveliTM via Rap Radar

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  1. LOL

    Lady Gaga? you gotta be kidding me. do not want!


    Harvey Reply:

    @LOL, Hater.


  2. U.N.E (Urban Noize)

    Eminem + Just Blaze = wow wow wow wow wow wow classic! i cant wait to hear what it sounds like it.


  3. Maik

    i’m sick of this idiot, can’t he just die! is there anybody who still listen to his shit music >?! :]


    frenchie Reply:

    @Maik, yes me. eminem hav a very great flow nugga and he is one of the best in the game.


    mimi313 Reply:

    @Maik, haha go kill yourself u bitch


    100% Nikehead Reply:

    @Maik, obviously if his relapse album sold 608,000 copies in the first week. all his albums sell and thats the way its gonna stay. If nobody listened to him then his albums would be flopping, which will never happen!


  4. Pinoy

    Em should get Game, Roscoe Umali, Bishop Lamont on the Relapse 2 album


  5. 100% Nikehead

    One other thing Eminem never gave a fuck about his record sales from the get go, he just wanted people to like his music, and at the end he accomplished both. Hes at the point now where he never has to release another album again, hes caked up for the rest of his life, but hes releasing it cause the demand for it is crazy so theres ur answer maik.


  6. listen

    demand? what demand? like the damand for the last album that hardly sold (in comparison to his previous studio albums)? please THINK about what you’re saying. It’s 2009.


    lol Reply:

    @listen hardly sold??? who else went double platinum in this economy(over 600k first week). if you haven’t heard ALL artist are feeling the economy’s and bootlegging problems. lol so do your h.w before you speak


  7. dapo

    em’s the greatest, period.


  8. Sirhc

    Relapse 2 will be incredible esp wit Just Blaze producin’ dats gonna b crazy!!


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