Lil Wayne Denies Double Album Reports, Discusses Retirement

In a new interview with BBC Radio 1Xtra’s Tim Westwood, Lil Wayne refutes Birdman’s claim that Tha Carter IV and Rebirth will be released as a double album (“It won’t be given like that because Tha Carter IV deserves Tha Carter IV. Nothing else in its way”). However, Rebirth may come as a double disc with the Young Money album.

Weezy also talks about removing one of his tattoos at his mother’s request, his reaction to MTV’s Hottest MCs in the Game list (“Gucci Mane was on the list and Eminem wasn’t?”), his baby mamas Lauren London and Nivea, what’s in his cup, Drake (“He’s a cash cow”), Omarion’s departure from Young Money, his pro-Auto-Tune stance, Jay Sean’s No. 1 single, retirement plans (“Anytime between 30 and 35, I may give it up”), and new mixtape No Ceilings.

Listen to the full interview below via TeamSupreme Music.

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  1. U.N.E (Urban Noize)

    This is actually one of the best interviews from Weezy. I liked how he answered the D.O.A. question.


  2. Travis

    I love his reaction when he found out Gucci Mane was on the list, he looked so shocked. I would be also, I dont think he should be there either.


  3. Matt.Beezy

    Retirement? Thank the lord!!!


  4. Quilt

    Gucci Who?


  5. 100% Nikehead

    so definately no carter IV this year.


  6. I'm on fire, Lupe Fiasco style

    Maaan, I got a feeling that C4 is gonna be wack like C3. I hope Wayne saying C4 needs to be C4 is him saying that it’s something a fan like me has been waiting on since C2. I just couldn’t mess with C3. It was too garbage compared to C2.


    Shay Webb Reply:

    I agree but some tracks were aight


    Richard Reply:

    @I’m on fire, Lupe Fiasco style, if u want somethin as good as c2 and da drought 3 then get no ceilings preferably his ice cream paint job freestyle. c3 was good playing with fire has got to be his best song and one of the best songs ever. then theirs let the beat build, nuthin on me, phone home, milli, shoot me down, got money, la la, lollipop, and well all da rest of da songs except for comfortable and mrs officer cuz i hate rnb


    You Crazy Reply:

    @I’m on fire, Lupe Fiasco style, how can you say something like that about a cd as good as the carter 3! especially since it sold over a million copies in the FIRST WEEK! come on man why hate


  7. Richard

    when he said retirement i almost fell out my chair lol jk but seriously anywhere between 30 and 35 is too early wait till ur late 30′s or early 40′s before you retire cuz if dr dre can be a 44 year old still talkin bout detox then lil wayne and retirement shouldnt be in da same sentence for at least 10 more years.


  8. deejay

    no ceilings was maybe the realest mixtape out noww
    and gucci mane ugly ass don’t deserve to be ^ on that list
    weezy retirin’ at 30-35; crazyyy
    ithink he gonna be freestlyin at 43. watch. the genre needs him!


  9. freshkiid

    Drake bout 2 take wayne spot n.eway dat nigga best choice isz 2 retire smfh


  10. high wit mary j

    gooch. guchi who? guchi mane? WHAT……..? lol

    eminem’s the man though,he get it next time for sure if he stays rapping and goes back to his oldself alittle atleast.


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