New Music: Michael Jackson – ‘This Is It’

Michael Jackson

The King lives on. A previously unreleased song from Michael Jackson makes its highly-anticipated debut. “This Is It” features backing vocals from the Jackson brothers and was recorded during the sessions for 1991′s Dangerous album. The title track from the This Is It documentary can be found on a two-disc collection of music to be released on October 27, a day before the film arrives in theaters for a two-week limited run.

Download: Michael Jackson – “This Is It”

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    how can I get the embed code?


  2. Dre

    How can I get the MP3 download?


  3. Th3_f1n3st

    This song is soooooo good. His voice is just as good as when I first heard it. I luv it! R.I.P. M.J.J.


  4. Qdaleton

    I love this song he might be out of sight but he’s not out of mind R.I.P


  5. Jazmine

    not just because he is dead because it’s freaking hot! I love the vocals!


  6. timothy

    Micheal Jackson “IS ALIVE”. He makes it SO obvious. Can’t blame the guy though. JUST HAD TO ESCAPE the press.


    Juan Reply:

    @timothy, He’s dead (I wish he wasn’t) This song is old. This song is a demo. the original title is call “I Never Heard”. This song was recorded around the Dangerous session


  7. Giselle

    Bittersweet listening to any of his music now a days. I like this track, though. Long live the King! :-)


  8. kj

    the song was recorded in 1980 !!!! can’t you hear it? every fan knows it.


  9. Catie

    The song sounds like something recorded back in the early 80′s, rather than during the “Dangerous” era. I like it though.


  10. Jay2009

    It was recorded by an artist produced by MJ back then, so this is just a demo, not an actual song, but still good, I’m waiting for the recent sound, the songs that he did in 2008-2009


  11. waynegodli2

    this song is good but it the same as safires song i never heard but he wrote it


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