Video: Mario – ‘Thinkin’ About You’

Audra and Mario

Even when he’s overseas, Mario can’t stop thinking about his girl in the Chris Robinson-directed video for “Thinkin’ About You,” the second single off D.N.A. The story picks up where “Break Up” left off. Richgirl’s Audra once again makes an appearance. Does Mario get the cold shoulder? Watch and find out!

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  1. Justin D Dot

    i was waiting to buy this album until payday [RECESSION smdh] but i think i just changed my mind video is hot


  2. Giselle

    I think its one of his best videos. Good song too.


  3. Dominicano

    im so glad she left his ass!! i know that was playing characters but mario was making me mad!! audra u deserve betta gurl tell his ass !!!


  4. ahaha

    LMAO @dominicano thinking its a movie. lmaoooo


  5. LOL

    LONDON!!! yes i already kno what you are thinking and this isn’t hot!!! also birdman video in London too, who else gonna join the LONDON screenplay?


  6. dillon_68

    This video and song and his album are all FIRE! Love how he continued Break Up on this. Perfect video, imo.


  7. darius

    Hot video…..


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