Celebrity Halloween Costume Roundup

Coco and Rihanna

Rihanna, pictured with Ice-T’s wife Coco as porn star “Coco Amour,” looked grrreat in a sexy Tony the Tiger (or Tigger) costume at Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon’s Halloween party in New York City on Saturday (Oct. 31).

Hit the jump to see what Beyoncé, Christina Aguilera, Aubrey O’Day, Bow Wow, Jermaine Dupri, Melody Thornton, La Toya Jackson, Russell Simmons, Jordin Sparks, Kat DeLuna, Teyana Taylor, Trina, and more dressed as for Halloween.

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  1. LaMont

    WOW! Everyone looks great,especially Melody Thornton,Rihanna and Coco.


  2. Dillon_68

    Damn Coco and them tig ol bitties!

    All the porn stars were there!(Coco and Aubrey)


  3. dr

    damn riri sexy woo


  4. AAA

    Rhi rhi and co co both looked good , but thier Puff puff’s are about to spill out thier costumes ,& Beyonce LOL 2 funni


  5. Pinoy

    I’ll do Riri all daaaaay!!!


  6. v

    rihanna looks more like stripper….


    kanye Reply:

    @v, i couldnt agree wiv u more deres jus somefink about her this days that is distasteful


  7. kanye

    luving queen b


  8. emma

    Oh, please. There is nothing distasteful about Riri’s costume. Halloween is the only time you can dress up in a sexy costume and have fun. All of my friends went with me to a Halloween party and we dressed up in costumes similar to Riri’s. It is all in good fun. Nothing to get all worked up about. Bey looks hot, too.


    Alicias a homewrecker Reply:


    Agreed….you can just smell hate.


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