Beanie Sigel to Sign with G-Unit?

Beanie Sigel and 50 Cent

Don’t expect to see Beanie Sigel throwing up the diamond again. The former Roc-A-Fella artist appears to have found a new home at 50 Cent’s G-Unit Records.

50 announced the news during an interview with Philadelphia’s Power 99 on Tuesday (Nov. 3). “Beans is coming to G-Unit,” he said.

The G-Unit captain tried to sign Beans earlier, but claims Jay-Z wouldn’t allow it. “Beans was the better artist, the stronger artist. That’s why when he did the year and a day, I was like, ‘Yo, as soon as he come home, I’d bring that project over here.’ He would’ve got at least $800,000. … Jay was telling him he didn’t want to lose him,” Fif told radio personality Jonesy.

Last week, the Philly MC dissed his former boss in a freestyle called “What You Talkin’ Bout (I Ain’t Your Average Cat),” rapping, “How it feel to get exposed?/ Don’t you feel naked?/ I was a fly on the wall, shit I witnessed/ I can say shit that will make B[eyoncé] look at you different.”

Jay responded at a press conference saying, “Beanie Sigel had a record deal, a record label, and a clothing line—and never went platinum, ever. I don’t know in the history of rap has anyone done so much with so little.”

Beanie Sigel’s last album, 2007′s The Solution, was released through Roc-A-Fella and peaked at No. 37 on the Billboard 200.

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  1. G girl the bay mayne yaddamean

    Who?????? Is he still relevant he needs to stfu & not disrespect someone’s wife he dont know their relationship to even say some BS like that. He can go to G-Unit’s flop of a label & still wont sell wood.


  2. rell

    shut up jay can down all on earth but he cant say nothing stop defending jay z like he a god he can get it like everyone else that nigga fucked over alot more people than beans so he can be now in my opinion the fackiest nigga on earth i aint buyin r even bumpin his bullshit no more that nigga is living off his name n beyonce is just another female his wife dont she make more than him that nigga tha wife in that situation.


  3. Ruud

    ^^^ You gotta understand that this isn’t bout record sales.. Jay had d chance 2 put Beanie in a good financial position but he didn’t but thats wat fif is goin to do… G unit records is not up to 7yrs but they’ve sold over 20 million records.. Jay & Puff r greedy mofo’s..


  4. Ruud

    Co-sign u rell.. I hate wen pple defend jay in a situation like this.. Beanie had his back from day 1.. Jay is too fuckin rich & Beanie aint got enough bread.. Even Jay said Beanie’s moms live in d sticks.. can u imagine this mahfucker?? cmon Jay, Beanie was ur Man n u do him like that?? smh..


  5. TVA

    Who sold them records though? 20 Million? 12 million of those are Get Rich or Die Trying. Banks and Yayo eating off of 50. Game put up numbers and Buck put up numbers but other than that nope. Jay put up the Roc numbers and if you saw the XXL outlay other folks with labels pushed more units than Jay did (DMX and Ja Rule both) who also had labels that folded. So I need folks to do more than be mad at Jay for being successful and smart with his money. Please. Yes Beyonce makes more money but women buy more cd’s than dudes do so that’s to be expected.


  6. biggs

    all u ppl that believe jay-z is some kind of God…will burn.


  7. wow.

    so basically what you guys are saying is, beans is mad cause jay didnt give handouts, that he was mad cause he couldnt sell and MAKE money, so he jay has to pay money he DONT deserve.

    thats called poor business ethics and i dont think is for bad business.


  8. Kcuffee

    Everybody wants to live the american dream, beans was put in the position to make alot of cash, he got more then alot of artist have recieve and never went plat. As far as jay not going to see him in jail, its f up but jay got a man dat he grow up wit thats in jail and he dont go see him, some people dont like going to jails but jay still claim him, I think beans is tripped out and the g-unit deal will flop and dats if it even goes through, they never broker the deal…


  9. LaMont

    I thought G-Unit folded!


  10. Harvey

    Uh no thanks. Find you somebody else 50.


  11. J

    Beanie Sigel is a wonderful artist however; he is a bad business man. It’s not Jay-Z’s fault that he is broke. It’s his fault. America is a Capitalist nation. Therefore, you are either a fish or a shark. You are going to eat or get eaten. He got eaten and is mad because he didn’t take advantage of an opportunity that was given to him. Sometime you have to look in the mirror and say i got myself locked up, Im still hanging around in south Philly gambling, getting high and partying when i should be investing my money. Taking his company to another level. The money he made he should need a push from Jay if he was smart with it. He from SP. One of the places in America where the real estate market is still increasing. Why isn’t he investing there instead of buying Bentleys’ and Maserati? What did he do for the city to help the city, himself, build political connections? Nothing! He added to the violence. White people will never buy his stuff. He will never get that professional audience until he man the fuck up and change his thought process. DUDE is a junky, broke bum from south Philly who give Philly a bad rep. No rapper from Philly will ever get that opportunity again because of that fool. He hanging around one of the richest people in America and all you have to talk to him about are Drugs and partying? Anyone who agrees with Beans probably in the same boat as him. Still sitting around waiting for a hand out or for someone to take you to another level. Im a hustler, if you a hustler and you approach a door that is shut, you kick it the fuck open. Not expect another joker to open it for you. That nigga broke because he is dumb and the same is going to happen at G-Unit because he never grew up. Still a Junky from SP! He doesn’t even see that Curtis Jackson is a business man. He see an opportunity and just using him to make some money. TAKING ADVANTAGE OF AN OPPROTUNITY. 800K is nothing the 50. Same shit going to happen again because he is a dick head! If im 50, ill sign that stupid Mother fucka too, make money off him and drop is dumb ass just like Jay did. Shit is Chest, not Checker! Go watch Training Day!


  12. the Bowtie

    J, you sound real angry up in that message but not really dropping any knowledge. from a musical stand point, I always was a Beans fan, copped every album including the best of when I finally found a copy while in Philly two years ago. On the same token still a Jay fan and got all of his stuff including the original Dead Presidents which came out on the single for the movie and the Reasonable Doubts on Roc-a-fella/freeze records, been following the label for a while.

    As a business process the only folks who really ate at the Roc was Jay and Dame. Biggs got some but didn’t really eat. As for the rest of them, they wasn’t really eating. Its why MOP jumped ship, its why Dipset wasn’t happy. You have to understand, this music business is about hustle, but its about deals and knowledge. Jay and Dame got screwed on the front end by Def Jam and Jay was just buying his time until he could return the favor. He was out for dolo, I mean, funny you only saw Beans and Kanye on that MSG stage, but you aint see no one else from the Roc in the building. That man couldn’t do half his stuff because they wasn’t there, but real talk, he wasn’t worried about that. I mean, he told you in his music only person he really riding with is Bleek and that is what he showed.

    Now as for agreeing with Beans and being in the same situation, naw, I jive agree to a certain extent and I aint in the same situation, I’m under 30 got my own business and legally make over 6 figures with a college degree from a well respected school and came from an environment similar to SP. But I had to realize how business is and learn from folks that what Jay did is just business. Beans is hurt and I can understand that.


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