Video: Alicia Keys – ‘Try Sleeping with a Broken Heart’

Superwoman Alicia Keys can heal everything but her broken heart in the Syndrome-directed video for “Try Sleeping with a Broken Heart,” the second single from her fourth album The Element of Freedom. Listen to the full version of “Dreaming,” a new cut off the album here.

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  1. koko

    Love the song!!! Love the concept!! Can’t wait for December 15th.


  2. LiCari

    Good song and video ;
    the ending made me ” aww “


  3. jacq

    love the song….hated the video.


  4. Giselle

    Honestly…I don’t like the video. LOVE the song!


  5. tell'em

    Song is FIRE but the video could have been better. I liked the ending though.


  6. HMM

    Its a cute video. The song has HIT written all over it.


  7. GeeMan

    Sorry this video was boring nothing new such a shame this is a really great song.


  8. anonymous

    BOTH HER NEW VIDEOS SUCK… BUT her songs are fire! no hate for AK.


  9. R-D

    “i can still feel you in my bed…” Mashonda will appreciate this one …


  10. listen

    love the song…but video could’ve been better. i don’t understand how she could touch and heal the dog, but when she came close to touching the guy, she almost killed him? can somoene please explain?


    Mick Reply:

    @listen, I’m guessing she only has the power to bring things back to life, but if she touches something that’s alive, they die. That’s why she can’t be with the one she loves. :(

    I loved the video! I just bought the song on itunes and it has that extended piano part. Awesome :D


  11. Jeremy

    no the dog was it by aye car


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