New Music: Timbaland f/ Bran’Nu – ‘Meet in tha Middle’

Timbaland and Brandy

Brandy formally introduces her rap alter-ego Bran’Nu on “Meet in tha Middle,” a new track about compromising from Timbaland’s Shock Value II (Dec. 8). It is one of two songs on the recently leaked album featuring the singer-turned-rapper. Does Brandy have a future in hip-hop?

Download: Timbaland f/ Bran’Nu – “Meet in tha Middle”

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  1. Facebook User

    Ye if her lyrics were nice she could be a good rapper!


  2. AAWesome

    Brandy got a nice lil flow with it!


  3. James

    Ew,, Brandys flow is nice tho.


  4. MarQ Dan!el

    This track (MITM) and Symphony are fiyah! YES!, BRANDY, AKA: BRAN’NU has a future in hip hop. Love her flow. Definitely feeling it. Her singing gives me chills but her rapping gets me hyped up. This is the biz.


  5. dan

    would never thought that this is brandy…except the little singing

    but its cool! will be buying it


  6. Joyams

    Correct. Nothing amazin.


    trillafood Reply:

    Could you do it? No, you can’t! BRAN-NU NAILED IT!


    GetReal Reply:


    You are obviously a Brandy stan. It was nice, but as Joyams said, nothing amazing.


  7. drtash

    HOT TRACK!Who knew brandy had this in her?? but why does everyone now have to have an alter-ego?? I guess it’s the cool thing now.Who knew schizophrenia could be fashionable??Kinda tired of it.


  8. Battle

    Timbaland is killing hip hop. Shock Value II is trash.

    Miley Cyrus? Katy Perry? JoJo?
    Is it a pop album?

    The Fray? Jet? Daughtry? Nickelback?
    Is it a pop rock album?

    Shock Value II is a mixture of pop, R&B, pop rock and a bit hip hop.

    The best rapper on the album is Bran’Nu. Drake can’t rap. Attitude and D.O.E. are average rappers.

    My ears are bleeding when listening to Shock Value II.


    what? Reply:

    It is not a hip hop album by any means so he is not killing hip hop


  9. Unk

    It for the most part is a pop album if your expecting a whole lot r&b/hip hop then you will be disappointed. Don’t expect to see Jay-z,Beyonce,T-Pain,Lil Wayne,and all that.


  10. Dave

    Yeah, I didn’t know it was her rapping till now, that y’all said something. But, she killed the rapping. I thought she was a professional rapper or somethin.


  11. Luisa Owusu

    OmG____Brandyz a Good Rapper____Shez Great_____

    Timbaland ___


  12. Battle

    I hate T-Pain and Lil Wayne and don’t listen to R&B! They are killing hip hop, too.


  13. EDWARD

    oohhhhhhhhh, this is the nxt lil’kim, go on mamy something new to expect in ur album


  14. Sho-tiiime

    At first I thought the song could use a little more of a wow factor, but after a second listen it was better. Maybe my headphones were messed up. Also I thought after hearing “Symphony” it was a better showcase of this new introduction to Brandy.


  15. Oshanae

    For those you who expected a heavy hip-hop album from Timbaland sorry the man hasnt really had an album like that since under construction II. He strayed away from hip-hop really not knocking him for it but his beats arent what they use to be and as far the song brandy i like it and the beat


  16. Stayafro33

    i havent even heard it yet and i know its dope ..lolol


  17. yizzo

    Bran Nu shocked me, didn’t even kno it was brandy got damn..she is missed make a damn album!


    Stephonne Reply:

    @yizzo, I know, right!


  18. Ghetto Fab

    I love how he is not using people that are hot right now for the singles. I’m sick of hearing all those others. This is really refreshing. Who would have ever thought Brandy had it in her.


  19. K

    Brandy is just so damn talented.


  20. REESE

    Brandy Absolutely SHITTED. She is back for realz!! Yeah, I prefer “Symphony” but this song is amazing. But yeah, she rapped on her last album (iTunes bonus “Gonna Find My Love”).. It was more pop, but her flow is SICK. Can’t wait for her album.

    And I don’t consider Bran Nu an alter ego.. It’s just Timbaland’s version of Rodney Jerkins’ nickname for her, B’rocka


  21. Philly11

    Brandy kilt this…and SHOCK VALUE 2 is FIRE!!! Different and something for everybody unlike alot of music thats out.


  22. KNUCK

    awwwww SSHHIIYYYYIITTTT.. Brandy went OFF


  23. Jay

    Wow this song is so dope!!! Brandy is a beast!!! She can mos def do it all! She should do an album where she’s singing rapping…I would cop that fa sho!


  24. MONCH

    @ BATTLE’S comment!!! then stop listening to those singers!!i dont care if its pop rnb mixture! Timba is a good producer rapper etc!! brandy jojo and katy perry are good singers!! as if u know how to sing stupid!


    Battle Reply:

    @MONCH, yes – Timbaland is a good producer. “Put You on the Game” by Game, “Dirt Off Your Shoulder” by Jay-Z, “Put It Down” by Redman and many other Timbaland produced hip hop records are good, but Timbaland’s new style is a joke.


  25. Andrea K. Castillo

    I really like Brandy as a singer, her rapping is mediocre; I don’t think its amazing by any means. I’ll wait for another track to give my definite opinion though…


  26. iPhr3sh Kidd

    Tha beatt iz hott! The sonq actually has MEANING to it, unlike half of this otha SHIT these hoes is puttin out nowadays! Of course, Brandy…excuse me, Bran’Nu murk’d it! Whoever be sayin Brandy cant rap…SIT THATT ASS ALL THA WAY DOWN! LOL if yhu look her up on YouTube yhu can see that she can actually rapp!


  27. daffany raysor

    yo thats cool what brandy doing rapping that what popping


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