Video: Mary J. Blige – ‘I Am’

Mary J. Blige

You don’t know what you’ve got till it’s gone. Mary J. Blige reminds her lover that she’s the best he’s ever had in the panoramic video for “I Am,” the new single from her ninth studio album Stronger withEach Tear (Dec. 21). Preview the album here.

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  1. M!ke

    The Queen is BACK


  2. Giselle

    I love this. I expected Mimi’s to be like this.


  3. john

    MAriah take note- nice video Mary but those tatoos…eewwww yuck! so not cute


  4. ztegrsyh

    oh yes, mary looks amazing.

    good video, song is fire, the real queen.

    preditc #1 on billboard hot 100 airplay


  5. Darrell H-Town

    Mary yu Are really making me proud to b a fan u took a breatiful song and made it to a great video i love it


  6. ouchhh!

    MJB is so classy and doesnt need to prance around on the beach in lil bath suits (cough, mariah) just to garner attention. This album is gonna be so hard, cant wait!


  7. Concerned listener

    Alright mary, show them how a grown women is supposed to do!!! The video looks well done and Mary looks classy. This song is much more age appropriate than her other singles for this albulm. I wish she would of release skycap, that’s a good song too.


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