Video: Snoop Dogg f/ Soulja Boy – ‘Pronto’

Snoop Dogg and Soulja Boy

Snoop Dogg and Soulja Boy Tell’em go undercover in the video for “Pronto.” The co-conspirators disguise themselves as waiters and crash an upscale dinner party in the clip. Their collaboration is from Snoop’s Malice N Wonderland album. To be continued…

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  1. Cameo

    This is just horrible. Snoop has fallen far… and Soulja Boy fail face just has no talent. I am very upset with this. Epic fail.


    Freedom Reply:

    @Cameo, This Song Is Awesome So Is The Video, Nice Beat And Flavor, It Seems Some People Dont Like Soulja Boy, Hes Awesome And Has Talent, Its Just Theres Some People Who Dont Appreciate It Or Just Hate It. He May Not Be The Hottest Rapper In The World But Hes Good.


  2. Dillon_68

    I thought this was an OK video, couldh’ve been better, but hey, Its pretty suspenseful!


  3. Bark + Bite

    Great. Soulja Boy is singing on hooks now? Please make it stop.

    And is this Snoop featuring Soulja Boy or the other way around? Soulja Boy gets damn near the first two minutes of the video to himself.


  4. Anton

    I will always love Snoop but Snoop with Dr. Dre or Pharrell(Neptunes)>Soulja Boi. just saying…


  5. lmaonade

    good song
    nice video
    thx for posting
    soulja boy looks nice w/ that mustache lol


  6. mictee

    Snoop done killed his verses. Why Soulja Boy though…..And he is in way too much of the song….


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  8. 6REAL

    Good instrumental but song is just horrible
    snoop what the hell did you do with soulja boy ?


  9. kayla

    this is bad snoop is trying himself he needs to make a video for special with brandy and pharrell


  10. beso

    you mofos need to stop hatin. snoop helped soulja boy make his best song ever. snoop has said REPEATEDLY that at this stage in his career that he’s trying to help out young rappers and that is exactly what he’s doing in Malice-N-Wonderland. so please, put a sock in it before you diss the baddest muthafucker still in hip hop


  11. eswaran

    oh my god i like soulja boy’s hairstyle.can i know from someone what his is hairstlye called?





  13. Panihaaa

    D.O.A for Soulja boy.
    And the song is not that good to me


  14. #1 Snoop fan

    Haters please stop the madness!!! This song is the jam! The beat is tight and both Snoop and Soulja are flowing!!


  15. Lilkenny

    was up souljaboy


  16. rk

    mic check I dont freestyle coz ma style aint free
    its pretty tight people

    show some respect….pronto


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