Susan Boyle Still No. 1, Mary J. Blige Has ‘Strong’ Debut

Mary J. Blige

Susan Boyle will finish out 2009 at No. 1. The British singer’s debut album I Dreamed a Dream tops the Billboard 200 for a fifth consecutive week, selling another 510,000 copies, while Mary J. Blige and Young Money were the only two debuts within the top 40.

Mary J. Blige’s ninth studio album Stronger withEach Tear enters at No. 2 with 330,000 copies sold in its first week. This is Blige’s third studio album in a row to sell more than 300,000 in its opening week. Her last effort, 2007′s Growing Pains, debuted at No. 1 with 629,000, while The Breakthrough opened at No. 1 with 727,000 in 2005.

After an impressive start at No. 2 last week with 417,000 units, Alicia Keys’ The Element of Freedom drops two spots to No. 4 with 280,000.

In addition to Blige’s album, the Young Money compilation We Are Young Money was the only other debut in the top 40, entering at No. 9 with 142,000.

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  1. 100% Nikehead

    Damn susan boyle, shes killing the industry with sales right now.


  2. Kitty

    who is susan boyle??? whoever she is she playing…lol


  3. Al

    Susan Boyle is a singer. I bought her CD.


  4. cedrick brown



  5. Neka

    I read in Irish News Website that Susan Boyle is on a $300 a month or either a week allowance .. She might not be making any money off all those albums sold !!
    I hope it ain’t true


    Billy Reply:


    I don’t know where you read that. $300/mo would make her absolutely destitute.

    If you google “susan boyle earnings” you can find plenty of news articles that say analysts predict she could make well over $15 million in the next year or so. she’s doing quite fine!


    I dreamed a p Reply:


    As far as I know, she still receives social security payment, which should not be much (otherwise everyone would refuse to work!). This came to light when she saw intruders in her modest home a few days ago, and her brother commented on the incident by saying that there was nothing to steal there, as she still received the payment, and had not received a penny from the enormous amount of money that she would get from the sale of her music. Yes, $15 million or more is probably what she would get in the next year or so, but she hasn’t received any of that yet.


  6. 10 is ciaras

    susan’s a beast. she is also showing that artist can still get good sales, they just gotta work for it, cus many people been blamin the market o floppin albums


  7. Cameo

    Is Susan is just horrible. She has no real talent. All her songs are covers of other songs.. She is the death of the music industry. Middle aged women who are over weight, and no lives any more because of a failed marriage are the only people who would enjoy her.


    Giselle Reply:

    @Cameo, This is exactly why she’s selling 500k each week because people like you thought she would fail. Stay mad.


    Natasha Reply:

    @Cameo, ur comment is disgusting. you’re just a coward hiding behind a computer.


    LadySheamus Reply:

    @Cameo, So when does your album drop?


  8. lilly

    ^ @cameo
    no bitch, stay pressed that your faves have been shitted on by susan boyle.


  9. Andre Le Dale

    LMAO go SUSAN!!!!


  10. Burbliop

    Great for Mary !!!!!!!!!!



    They call Susan Boyle ‘SuBo’. I wonder if they would be so brave if her first name was Samantha.


  12. Catie

    Susan Boyle deserves all the success that she’s getting.

    Wow, i’m surprised Mary only sold 330k. Don’t get me wrong, that’s a nice opening week but that’s weak for Mary.


  13. LadySheamus

    Great for Susan!


  14. CagedBird

    Alicia went Gold in 2 weeks! wow


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