Eve Leaves Interscope Records, New Album Due This Year [Updated]


Eve is making changes in the new decade. The femcee has left her longtime label and promises a new album in 2010.

The rapper-turned-actress revealed on Twitter Friday (Jan. 15) that she has parted ways with Interscope Geffen A&M Records where she released her first three albums. “Let me tell u what happened with music so ya’ll don’t think I quit,” she told her followers. “Left Interscope, free agent now. Went back in re-doing music. Trust me.”

As for her oft-delayed fourth studio album, the first since 2002′s Eve-Olution, she says it’s coming this year. “Not letting this year pass wit out an ALBUM! Can’t take the non-sense MUSIK.”

A 2007 project Here I Am was scrapped, although it produced the Swizz Beatz-helmed “Tambourine” and “Give It to You” featuring Sean Paul.

While on hiatus, Eve shared that she was going in a new direction with her sound, as evidenced by the leaked Salaam Remi production “Me N My (Up in the Club).” “I’m actually experimenting with this movement called dubstep in the U.K., this underground sound,” she told Jimmy Fallon in October.

UPDATE: According to Eve, her new album is titled Lip Lock and will feature “Tambourine” and “Give It to You” as bonus tracks.

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  1. Dave

    Can’t freakin wait!


  2. Vinny

    Can’t freakin wait! [2]


    Dizzle Reply:


    Cant Freakin wait! [3] lol

    she should have callaboration with…

    1.Alicia Keys
    3.Kelly Rowland
    5.Gwen Stefani
    Swear down thats all the callaboration she needs on this new album!! i hope she has tha time to read this lol x


  3. D



  4. ...


    “tambourine” was sick, so i’m lookin’ forward to seeing what she comes up with.

    plus she could eat all other femcees (minus maybe foxy) and most dudes alive on the mic.


  5. bass_man

    It’s been forever since she released music, but she’s stayed relevant. Props for real.


  6. laos

    She is wack! No 1 is checking for her…


  7. Harvey

    I just want that track “All Night Long” that Pharrell did for her.


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  9. Andariego

    Finally…the female rap game needs someone else besides Nicki Minaj…


  10. vmars08

    What’s Eve’s Twitter?


    Ken Reply:

    @vmars08, it is @TheRealEve she just made it a couple days ago


  11. Ken

    Umm what’s Eve’s twitter then? Last time i checked Eve didnt have a twitter page. Smh. Also Im ready for Eve’s return its been long overdue. I dont like the direction female rap is going and Im glad she’s returning. We need the lady like but sexy image once again. Something lil girls can look up to. And not the video model image format Nicki Minaj is using and all the other girls before her have done. Even tho I like Nicki and all Im just ready for a female rapper like Eve to be able to be sexy without going over the top and spit soemthing relevant and still be able to have young girls listen to her.


  12. Ken

    Sorry for the last comment Rap-Up i finally found Eve’s twitter. She just actually created it a few days ago. Thats why i was like damn eve doesnt have a twitter cus i had been checking for it. But her twitter is @TheRealEve… i think she can make a comeback. Im ready for it. And im ready for Missy’s comeback too


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  14. cleme

    Congrats.Eve Welcome Back Boo Boo


  15. flow

    no other can compare to this female mc… no other female has a flow as sick as EVE!!


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