Rihanna & Matt Kemp Go Courting

Rihanna and Matt Kemp

Rihanna and her new boyfriend, L.A. Dodgers outfielder Matt Kemp, watched the Cleveland Cavaliers narrowly defeat the Los Angeles Clippers at the Staples Center in Los Angeles on Saturday (Jan. 16). Her current single “Hard” moves up the Billboard Hot 100 this week from 15-9.

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  1. cHOc_yNr

    cute! ;)


  2. DEstiny

    ooooo i love her hairstyle and her shoes you rockin it RIh Rih


  3. idruski

    Fucking Gorgeous Ass Girl!
    I love Rihanna. Her BF is cute too!


  4. Joyams

    She must change her haircut now.


  5. Tracie

    He is starting to get on her nerves, I’m a woman I know these things, but keep your chin up Ri Ri at least you found a cute one to pass the time with. People don’t understand when you love someone in your heart it doesn’t matter how fine or rich the rebound man is the heart still longs….but like I said at least he’s cute. Nice blouse Ri.


    Lwhm Reply:

    @Tracie, LOL at your comment.. acting like you know everything haha quit playin


  6. What?

    I’m already sick of hearing about these two, I thought Rihanna said she wasn’t looking for a relationship anytime soon? He is a female R&B singer GROUPIE, and is LOVING the attention he’s getting..


    amy Reply:

    @What?, we’ll get sick of them like we got sick of seeing pics of her & cb..

    and this dude is just lost..he says ‘calling it a relationship is a strecth’ but will go out with her in publice and grope her.

    smh..this ‘friendship’ wont last.thats why their being seen together so much..in a month..it will be ‘MATT WHO’..like its meant to be.

    his usin her ass.


  7. bass_man



  8. ubetteagota F*k life.Rihannya



  9. Momobabez

    It is way too soon for her to be dating again…


  10. tas11

    I LOVE THEM…hottest couple…


  11. ella



  12. Catie

    I think i’ve come to terms with the fact that i will never like Rihanna’s hairstyles.


  13. shelly-chelle

    He seems bored #imjustsayin!


    idruski Reply:

    @shelly-chelle, Thats why yousee him laughing almost the whole time?? If anyone, she seems bored!


  14. bodacious

    as long as riri and matt is enjoying each other then who in the hell are we to complain, because in the final analysis its between the two of them!!!!


  15. bodacious

    well okay!!!!!


  16. bodacious

    cute couple!!!!


  17. sowait

    RiRi moves to quick with these men.. for real. She like the famous man’s hit hit pass. I mean, dude doesn’t even want to claim her but she lets him grope her in public like they bin dating for years? She too fast if you ask me. I’m a dude and she just turning me off with the amount of dudes she bin linked with I’m starting to wonder if she really that easy of if this is all for press?


  18. sara

    so cute


  19. Jareece

    Okay.. She Looks Mad Bored .. Lol


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