Chris Brown’s Gaultier Getup

Jean Paul Gaultier and Chris Brown

Chris Brown’s wardrobe has been receiving almost as much attention as the fashion on the runways. On Thursday (Jan. 21), the cameras snapped the “Crawl” singer, alongside Jean Paul Gaultier, wearing a black blazer and turtleneck, red V-neck sweater, and some constricting jeans at the designer’s show during Paris Menswear Fashion Week Autumn/Winter 2010/2011.

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  1. Will

    What kind of jeans are those? Those shits are hidious


  2. MB

    Those pants are complete mess lol. I dont care who thinks it is “Fashion” I call it doing too much. The top half is hot, I would wear it, but probably pass out from wearing 50 layers of clothes lol


  3. bass_man

    trying. too. hard.



    he failed!
    graffiti is no longer top50 on the billboard200
    crawl is nowhere to be found on the charts, and pop radio doesn’t play his music!
    and his fan appreciation tour has disappeared off the face of the earth!
    I’m glad he got a reality check! He’s finished!


    Isis Reply:

    @RUDE-BOY, LMAO your name fits you! You couldn’t be more what if the album is out of the top 50!? The fact that it was ever in the top 20 is a miracle considering the way the media/public tried to bury him. This boy is blessed and he will be fine. The fact that you’re here commenting proves that. Find something else to do…lol.


    RUDE-BOY Reply:

    @Isis, and when all is said and done his album only lasted a month in the top50 and bombed, his tour has been cancelled due to lack of sales in which he was only doin night clubs and theaters, and rawl is nowhere to be found on the charts


    dan Reply:

    @RUDE-BOY, ur such an idiot rude boy…..this guy is so talented and for what he had done wit rihanna, hes gettin a lot of success. not alot of artist can pull this off


    Cyimo Reply:

    Hey guyz forgive RUDE-BOY s/he is rihanna stan….LMFAO


  5. VaunTV

    Them pants though?? Im all for high fashion/different and all that jazz but them shiits?? NO


  6. Ghetto Fab

    This guy is trying waaaay too hard to get some attention. Even Kanye West can do a better job than that lol. Nice try though.


  7. missy

    omg, he gets paid to dress those jeans en shit,.. to be honest i dont like it either but eey, who am i, and he? he gets paid for the ‘fasion’ya ll al hatee, i mean haha what ya ll say it doesn t matter because he got some money in his pocket that non of us will ever have in our pockets, so breeezyy keep doing your thing,


  8. missy

    funny thing is he is nog trying waay to hard to get some attention because eiter way, you will give it to him, so hi wins and all the people who dislike him and make comments likethat LOOSEEE


  9. Dave

    I like those pants. They are unique. I’m liking his style about now.



    He looks like an idiot. That fool lost.


  11. fi

    He looks hot!
    people hate cause his style is way too european for the american understanding…
    i loved him in his last video because of his style!
    i wish him all the best.


  12. chrisalltheway

    Breezy is Dope – From Music,Fashion,Looks and Performing – Sorry Haters


  13. Momobabez

    That guys face is too funny standing next to Chris “Beatdown” Brown


    Bark + Bite Reply:


    You read my damn mind. Did Chris NOT realize the irony of a bruised-face person standing next to him???


    LadySheamus Reply:

    @Momobabez, I was wondering why nobody had said anything up to this point. Talk about irony! A small part of me makes me wonder if they did it on purpose. It HAD to have crossed their minds.

    I don’t see the big deal w/the pants. I live in Tokyo and you wouldn’t believe the stuff people wear here. His pants are normal by comparison.


  14. Lorin

    @ bass man

    Took the words right out my mouth. And is old dude’s face photoshopped, or did Chris beat him for the free clothes?


    remy Reply:

    @Lorin, idiot..its JEAN PAUL GAULTIER!go look him up ..and find out who he is!dumbass.its the theme of the runway..all the models were done up like that.


  15. remy






    butters Reply:


    ive never understood this bizarre argument that success somehow validates violence against women. chris brown is a violent POS and no matter how much money he makes he is essentially a worthless human being who still has yet to acknowledge the ugliness of his actions except in that perfidious celebrity “im sorry if you were offended” PR spin control way. chris brown and his apologists are an indicator of just how far our society has fallen towards a new dark ages filled with ignorance and savagery. the moral compass has not only been skewed but assuredly smashed.



  16. high

    dead at the dumbass who said his tour got cancelled, no idiot the tour ended every single show was sold out. Stop going on mto for your sources.


  17. MushyLove_1992

    His haters love him more than his lovers do. Thats a fact. They don’t like Chris, but they come to his post anyway. LMAO! Haters need love too.


  18. Kidkrazy

    You have to understand fashion to understand what hes got on, Your at Fashion week, you want to stand out and Im sure real fashion connoisseurs love it! And yea I heard the fan appreciation concert sold out as well….


  19. Catie

    That turtleneck/v-neck sweater combo is hideous!


  20. drtash

    WHY DOES GAULTIER LOOK BRUISED LIKE THAT IN THE PHOTOS???It looks really odd, esp considering Chris Brown’s last drama with Rihanna.Bad look…VERY BAD LOOK!


  21. arie

    I like the new fashion look he has going on, its different, he is not trying to be like everybody else, its called being original. And to you haters, if you are going to continue to hate, at least get your facts straight. His tour done very well, it was not cancelled, and crawl is heard on the radio along with other songs, some radio stations continue to play his music. For people who claim to hate him, yall sure as hell go where ever he is at, what the hell does that say about you all? Hate on him all you want, you are just making yourselves look stupid. Watch, a stupid hater will comment on this post.


  22. Andariego

    What is Gaultier doing…? Yea, Chris has great sense of fashion, but them pants are a no no.



    omg i thought he had beat da man up lol…i knew it wuz too good to be true


  24. Cyimo

    do your thing breezy and hater continue to hate if thats makes you feel better about yourself..


  25. Melvin Carson

    chris brown is good..and his album is great!


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