Game Sheds Tear After Seeing ‘Michael Jackson’s This Is It’

Game and Michael Jackson

Even a tough-talking rapper like Game was moved after watching Michael Jackson’s This Is It concert documentary. But now that the DVD is in stores, will he be purchasing it?

“I’ve seen This Is It. The movie’s phenomenal, period. It made me shed a tear and everything ’cause I never seen Michael in that light,” reveals the West Coast MC, who recorded a tribute song to the King of Pop in the days following his death. “You would never ever think that he was like that. It let you see a side of him that you would never see if he was still alive.”

But despite his love for MJ, Game won’t be rushing out to pick up the DVD. “The DVD we might not need,” he tells “I seen the movie and the economy’s messed up. If I ever want to play it back, I got it in my [memory].”

Game’s fourth effort The R.E.D. Album is due this spring and is expected to feature contributions from Pharrell, Justin Timberlake, and Dr. Dre.

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  1. monica

    aww but his ass need to go pick up the dvd


  2. uuh

    I cried when mj died but I didn’t get 2 emotional after seeing ”this is it” movie,


  3. Catie

    I haven’t seen it yet but I’m purchasing it sometime this week.


  4. Carp;

    It’s hard to beleive that the Game can not afford a DVD …. maybe he’s a little cheap


  5. mjjislove

    I bought it today and even on blue ray and i don’t even have a blue ray player. That is a movie that i could actually have already watched quite a few times already and am sure I will be watching it many many more to come.
    RIP MJ
    with L O V E


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