Jennifer Lopez Exits Epic Records, Headed to Island Def Jam?

Jennifer Lopez and L.A. Reid

Jennifer Lopez is throwing on her Louboutins and leaving Epic Records. The superstar has reportedly parted ways with her longtime label. reports that J.Lo’s decision to leave her musical home of 11 years was “a mutual one” between the singer and Sony Music Label Group Chairman Rob Stringer. The two met at the Four Seasons Hotel in Beverly Hills during Grammy week, and decided to end their long relationship after a “heart-to-heart” conversation.

J.Lo’s manager Benny Medina confirmed the news. “Jennifer had a wonderful relationship with the Sony Music Group, and they have shared many successes together, but the time was right to make a change that best serves the direction of her career as an actress and recording artist,” stated Medina. “She is grateful and appreciative to everyone at Sony for all that they accomplished together.”

Sony plans to release a greatest hits package in the fall, while the fate of J.Lo’s seventh studio album Love? is currently unknown. The first single, “Louboutins,” didn’t take off as planned, but the Wynter Gordon-penned “What Is Love” will appear on the soundtrack to her movie The Back-Up Plan, which has been pushed back one week to April 23. She will serve as host and musical guest on this weekend’s “SNL.”

Lopez’s next move may be to Island Def Jam, home to Mariah Carey, Rihanna, and Kanye West. She is reportedly in talks with the label, and was seen at CEO L.A. Reid’s Grammy after-party last month.

While fans may never hear all the material from her ill-fated album Love?, you can read’s exclusive preview here.

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  1. javonscott

    i dont really care for her but i do hope this album sees the light of day


  2. Dolce

    YaY! The best decision she could make!
    Def Jam is slightly better but Interscope is the BEST CHOICE.


  3. listen

    why would someone (^^^^^^) who doesn’t care for another, care about the lackluster music that other person puts out????


  4. javonscott

    because i like what im hearing from her (Loubitons & Everybody’s Girl) just because im not a HUGE fan doesnt mean i cant anticipate


  5. Marsha



  6. Maggie

    OMG! I’ve got really really sad with this J.Lo…
    I LUV “Loubotins” (I was waiting for the music video…) and i luv all the songs that leaked from the album “Love?”, now it will B unreleased!?
    I’ve got really sad ‘cuz “Louboutins” didn’t chart well as expected, “Fresh Out the Oven” to.
    “Everybody’s Girl” is a super track, J.Lo could release it and it would chart at number 1.
    Like “Rap-Up” said, fans may never hear the album.
    Good luck in your new label, but I still sad…


  7. J-Dolla

    I feel bad for her because I thought Loubutins was a hot track!!! But, Island Def Jam could be a good look for her. I know Mariah must be pisssseddddd! hahahhah


  8. erin

    BRANDY needs to release her version of Louboutins


  9. Danya

    wow I love J.LO !!!
    I know her Next Album gonna be HOT!!!!
    She’s an amazing superstar!


  10. fernando hernandez

    Wish Luck to jennifer
    I’m sure her 7th album gonna be her best cd ever


  11. Khizza

    UGH this is so lame.
    Louboutins (however you spell it) WAS so hot, and the reason it didn’t take off was because her LABEL didn’t release it to iTunes till weeks after her AMA performance when everyone forgot about it. Then they didn’t release a music video…How is it supposed to do well, especially when J.Lo has been gone for a while and other people came in like GaGa etc.

    Fresh Out the Oven, same thing. it was only a promo single. It didn’t even get a digital release. How the hell was it supposed to chart?

    FRIG! I WAS SO FUCKING EXCITED for this album. All the leaks have been amazing. dsjfklafj;asdfj;asdfj. I hope we hear the album or it leaks.


  12. robin

    Ohh hell nah Mariah ain’t qunna be happy about thsi shxtt.


  13. beeblebrooks

    Well she can’t sing, so what’s the big deal? She could never sell records without shaking her famous ass, and now that she’s 40, there’s no way that shtick will work anymore. She’s better off sticking to acting, movies or TV, and that’s assuming if people will ever care enough about her again to watch.


  14. cp2006

    I guess that means the material recorded is owned by sony & can’t be released, I was looking forward to love?
    where does this leave Adrienne Bailon, she was like Def Jams answer to J.Lo lol


  15. MC4LiFE

    Nuh nah tht bitch betta find sumwhere else not Island Def Jam…
    Thiss MariahCarey’s home not her… JLo rly need to stopp copying her foreal! 1st she stole sum of MariahCarey’s samples & now she tryn to steal her label?! Bitch U Betta Move!!


  16. green

    Uh oh… Mariah and J.Lo at the same label? Drama ahead. Mariah keep your tracks on lock or J.Lo is going to be snatching them away. She’s a shady character.


  17. Catie

    This is good and bad news. The good new is yes, signing to Island Def Jam would be a huge improvement from Epic. Bad news is that chances of the album still coming out on April 18th are slim to none.


  18. Marsha


    verry right!!


  19. takeAdrinkHaters

    j.l0 can sing she just rarely uses it the m0vie Selena that was j.lo’s voice covering and I seen her sing live t0 aswell I was very surprised at how beautiful she could sang i didnt kn0w!..I just cant remember what performance it was, so she does have a voice she just sticking to what made her fam0us and thats hip hop And p0p? I bet if she started taking singing less0ns again She w0uld make all u haters sit the fck d0wn *finger*


  20. olta

    so sad , please HATERS respect that. i don’t find the words…


  21. Eden Lords

    good for jen..she needs new comback..strong one


  22. REAL

    EVERYBODY, Remember that J-Lo & Mariah Carey tha’ not the biglove, then on the same label … OW!! Cant belive tha.


  23. REAL

    But if M-C does not succeed with its “Angels-Advocate” album remix, she will have to leave Def Jam.


  24. Gualtiero

    Guys of rap-up! is there any chance you could make us hear the tracks u previewed??PLEASE we real fans really waited for this album!! is there anything u could do????


  25. FICO

    uhhh pleasee to the people that swear MARIAH BORING CAREY owns island def jam. STFU! Mind you She was paid to leave her old label meaning they really needed her to go lmao! Instead JLo parted ways with her good for nothing label. Mariah carey gets good promo for ALL of her records and it aint the record companies fault the last 2 didnt sell as much. I’m sure if they give JLO the same promo for her last 2 records they would of been successful! Epic Records would only give JLO one video per album after her 3rd album which is BS. So going to def jam is a good thing! Maybe mariah will feel threatend again and step up her game and stop being so damn boring or drunk!


  26. shermoon



  27. cash



  28. cash

    Mariah needs to leave def jam, they did a terrible job with her last two albums, wrong singles choices and everything, she was madd with the way they treated “Memoirs…” shes a legend who needs good people behind her & she needs to take control, sony would be a great move for her.



    LMFAO karma for all she did to Mariah.


  30. fallo

    love her !! go jlo


  31. Ricanthug

    Its A bad move for Jennifer to move to Island Def Jam they are very bad at promoting artists look at Mariah her new cd tanked lack of promotion and the cd did suck but they dont promote artists like they use to…She was better of at epic sony music I like Jennifer but i guarnatee the cd will tank on Def Jam as well she should of looked at more labels or created her own


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  33. Mr. Yea I Went There

    i love Jennifer lopezz She Is Fuhkinqq Hot And A Meqa Star Shes Got Talent She Just Gotta Know How To Use It I Heard I Sample Of Her And Britney Spears On YuTube It Was Good I Hope Rhinaana And Her Do Collab J.lo And Trina Should Do A Collab Cause They Bothh Badd Bitcheszz And Got Biqq Bootysz && Another Thinqq Mariah Scary Go Home :)


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