New Music: Toni Braxton f/ Mo’Nique – ‘Caught (Don’t Take Your Hat Off)’

Toni Braxton and Mo'Nique

On the eve of the 82nd Annual Academy Awards, Oscar nominee Mo’Nique teams up with Grammy winner Toni Braxton for a one-of-a-kind collaboration we told you about first.

Toni catches her man cheating and Mo’Nique helps kick him to the curb with a little comedic relief. The track, which will appear on Toni’s new album Pulse (May 4), was inspired by Oran “Juice” Jones’ 1986 hit “The Rain.”

“I’ve always been a fan of hers and we’re both from Maryland. I love her,” Toni told about working with the Precious star. “We’re great friends, she’s really cool. I’m really excited for her about her Oscar.”

Download: Toni Braxton f/ Mo’Nique – “Caught (Don’t Take Your Hat Off)”

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  1. part

    firsrt, okay


  2. part

    first, okay song


  3. Yan

    Good song.


  4. Dawo

    Nice song,love it :)


  5. Jay

    Gosh another leak from Toni. Cool song though it’s very relaxing for some reason.


  6. Jeffery J-Boe

    Toni Braxton, and Mo’Nique Collaboration Is So Cool, and It’s A Good Song… A Tribute To Strong Independent Women Who Are Tired Of Their Men Cheating… I Can’t Wait For The Album “Pulse” To Come Out, It’s Gonna Be Her Best Album Since “The Heat”… Good-Luck Toni B., Toni Braxton For 2010.


  7. mike

    im buyin 6 cds….real talk plz stop leakin her music…and evybody buy the cd


  8. Kaye

    too many songs are leaking from the album !! damn


  9. Fritzma

    Another Toni Leak..Damn..who is leaking her material? imma buy that album when it comes out, me love Toni Braxton ,and this song is off da chain.. Can’t wait..for May 4..Pulse Baby..


  10. Antonio


    LOVE iT!!!!

    And the oscar goes to Monique! But Toni is the best, i hope this album bring her lots of success!


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