Video: Robin Thicke f/ Estelle – ‘Rollacoasta’

Robin Thicke and Estelle

Buckle up. Robin Thicke and Estelle take fans on a “Rollacoasta” ride in their thrilling video for the second international single from Thicke’s Sex Therapy album, directed by Gil Green. The soul man throws a stylish house party that is “classy and sexy and crazy and wild and naughty all at the same time.”

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  1. BOI-1da

    Hmmm…They say pimpin’ ain’t easy, but it damn sure looks fun to try!

    The BOI-1da said it!


  2. klip

    MUST ESTELLE LOOK THAT FABULOUS!!!!!!!!!!!get it estelle.


  3. davyd69

    why she will release her new album not before september??!! that’s far


  4. David Thespokenword Washington

    I love it, love this damn song. Reminds me of this old skool song. It must be sampled.


  5. Phoenix_Wright

    Looked like maddd fun. At first I thought it was just ok, but the ending was real nice.


  6. Dblack

    Good Job Mr. Thicke.
    by the way, Sex Therapy album is so old school but gold, sexy,…i love it


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