Video: R. Kelly – ‘Echo’

R. Kelly

R. Kelly yodels from the mountain tops in the video for “Echo,” the Claude Kelly-penned song from his Untitled album. This is what the Ricola commercial would look like if Kellz got his hands on it.

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  1. ish

    wt a song. u can talk about trey songz all u want. but wen it cumz 2 true r n b no 1 can doubt dis man is da king. trey songz cant write or produce kellz got da whole package. in da 90z the radio was infected by r kelly
    R kelly – written songs
    r Kelly – Produced songs
    r kelly – sung songs

    now tell me who can do dat no 1

    r kelly = da king of r n b


  2. listen

    just by looking at the screen capture to the video, i’m not interested. looks cheap and gives me the impression that the song is no better.


  3. queen beyonce

    r u serious r.kelly? such a nice song & this is the vid smh


  4. JD

    looks cheap just like his sex tape lol


  5. Phoenix_Wright

    The song is hot, but the video ¬_¬….not so much. I was waiting on this video and he gives us this…still a great song.


  6. 100% Nikehead

    You can tell Kells paid for this video out of his pocket, this video is lower than low budget lol. A song like this deserves a good video with a big budget.


  7. Dizzle

    Awsome song!!!! Sh*test video every!!!


  8. ARIES79

    i like Kells but he get a big OLD HOE SIT DOWN… It sound so 90′s


  9. Max

    Those pic on the top can be used in dictionary near the words “epic fail”…


  10. Burmy

    ^Dang…yall some HATERS.

    Looking forward to the remix with K. Michelle (one of my favorite up-and-comers in the business)


  11. TheBigBlackNewsBlog

    I went to school with this jackass. I thought he was a talented singer, but his attitude was severely stank.

    As for this crap, masquerading as music… it’s horrible. Robert Kelly is well into his 40s and he is still trying to sing like a 20-year-old. Grow up! Now let that echo.


  12. GeeGee

    Video reminds me of those you see on Sesame Street… Srry.


  13. OMON IMO

    This is some cheap ass bullshit. WTF?! I want my 4 minutes back. R. Kelly, you have disappointed me. C’Mon Man. This ain’t you….



    this is a joke right?


  15. theresa_keys

    this video is so horrible…… i love r kely his voice is amazing but he sends the wrong message with his songs


  16. Joyams

    The video has absolutly no interest. I love the song tho. I thing the most expensive thing in this video is the cigar at the end.


  17. Zaccc

    Looks like he recorded it on his Macbook!
    Poor video for such a quality song.


  18. zimboboy

    treysongz meks beta sex videos than this


  19. David

    I think the video is funny, Kellz just being Kellz lol, hate all you want there is nobody like him nor will there ever be period.


  20. Dbreezy

    Ummmm dis is just a joke right ummm are u 4real serousily R.kelly moutains just as a pic OMFG
    dis look like 2 4th Graders thats middle class shot this LOL


  21. jan

    If you tour ,help a nice lady on that tour with him someone keri or letoya may help..


  22. Dillon_68



  23. andiwsa

    i love it baby….





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