J.D. Talks New Mariah Carey Album

Bryan-Michael Cox, Mariah Carey, and Jermaine Dupri

Mariah Carey and Jermaine Dupri pleased fans last month when they announced that they were rekindling their magic in the studio. J.D. shared a few more details of their reunion with Rap-Up.com.

The So So Def CEO, who had a heavy hand in 2005′s best-selling album of the year, The Emancipation of Mimi, said he is in the early stages of recording the pop diva’s next effort. He is hoping to produce the majority of the project and aims to have a single out this year.

“We started last week and we don’t take long when we get in, so hopefully a single before the end of the year,” he told Rap-Up.com. Bryan-Michael Cox and Johnta Austin are also involved with Mimi’s new music.

In addition, Mariah is reportedly working on a Christmas album, for which she recently shot the packaging with famed photographer David LaChapelle.

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  1. Brandon

    We Mimi lambs love the constant flow of new music, but M needs better promotion!!! Her albums are packed with hits, but they either aren’t being released, the videos are subpar, or something else. MIGRATE ANYONE?? That was a stone groove and everyone and their grandmother could’ve predicted that one topping the charts. Anyway, excited for the new music, but don’t turn into Ciara, Mimi!! (In terms of having a dedicated fanbase and great songs with poor promotion.)


  2. Missingbeyonce

    @brandon I agree with you mimi Needs better promotion her speicly with this new album she should do promo every were even if she did a free show any way cant wait for the new album



    She is such a diva!


  4. JD

    Why are they trying to rush her like that? Her next studio album shouldnt be out until 2011 so the anticipation can build. Also, she should never with with the Dream again. I want another Mimi album.


  5. The Convo Piece

    B. Cox got that giraffe neck..


  6. MCFan

    They should have let her release the album version of “Angels Cry” off her last album. Had that been her first or second single, she could have had another #1. By the time the Foreigner cover hit the radio, people had already moved on.


  7. Diego Perez

    Memoirs of an imperfect angel..was a hot album..but Def Jam messed up in the single selection and promotional gigs. Mariah will be back at number one like always. She’s the best in the business got a voice like angel. Be ready y’all cuz this maybe the next Emancipation of Mimi.


  8. AAWesome

    Brandon – YOU’RE. EXACTLY. RIGHT.!!! Migrate was a NO BRAINER & clearly, MIMI knew it AND that’s why it was track #1. Culprit = DEFJAM

    JD – NO ONE IS RUSHING MIMI! f you’ve been a fan of Mariah’s since day one or if you would do your research, in the 90′s, Mariah had a record out damn near every year. That’s been her m.o.. That’s what happens when you’re talented (a singer, writer, producer, arranger, business woman, etc..). You don’t have to solely rely and/or wait on anyone to create an album. Also, MOAIA, her album with Dream, is my favorite Mariah album and I have them all. That album is SICK! DefJam released the wrong singles.

    The Convo Piece – LOLOL

    Diego Perez – EXACTLY!!!


  9. Giselle

    Welp, at least she’s working with JD and NOT The Dream. I hope they really take their time this time around and not rush things. We need another EOM!


  10. kim



  11. THEO

    I fully agree with Giselle mimi n jd need to take their time on this one


  12. Cayla ADORES Mimi

    they got it! and they’re going to give us the binis?! hopefuly it will not be rushed, but this all depends on the kind of record deal she has with def jam. [how many albums she has to do for her contract] memoirs was a really good album, it was put together very nicely. the problem album was e=mc2 [not the big banger for me] every song was randomly placed and had no plot! i fucking love this woman with everything i got! and working with her good friend jd, i know there will be big shit popping! i’m sensing emancipation [respectfully]


  13. Anonomys

    bump all that, mariah needs a Daydream or Butterfly. JD worked on both of those albums. With those albums, it did’nt matter what song was a single evrything flowed.


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