Oprah Parties with N.E.R.D. and Diddy

Diddy, Pharrell, and Oprah

After co-hosting the Met Costume Institute Gala on Monday (May 3), Oprah Winfrey let loose for some “Hot-N-Fun” with Pharrell, Diddy, and Usher at the after-party at New York City’s Mark Hotel.

Vogue editor-in-chief Anna Wintour asked N.E.R.D. to perform at the exclusive event, where the in-style crowd sweat through their designer suits and gowns while dancing to the band’s rap-rock hits.

DJ Cassidy worked the ones and twos, as a wild Katy Perry provided further entertainment with her light-up dress. Now that’s a party!

Pharrell, Oprah, and Diddy Pharrell Anna Wintour and Diddy Usher, Pharrell, and Oprah Katy Perry

Source: BBC Blog

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  1. ben



  2. az-ddin

    all the stars right here with the great oprah


  3. Dwayne

    omg oprah look like she was having so much fun


  4. WhatTheF

    LOL Katy is crazy! I love her!



  5. TheNoirEffect.com

    Oprah is the party.


  6. Jessica

    aww Pharrell so hot lol. Gotta love Oprah who doesn’t. Now all she needs is to get Pharrell on her show. that would make my day.


  7. terence

    that party looked it was aight. oprah diddy,usher, nerd. katy perry. naomi urbody was at that party! good look!


  8. Inyo

    lol, Celebrities-gone-wild.


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  10. distantshores

    I have no social life..says Pharrell..NOT!!!


  11. laurellah

    This post feels soooo deja vu. wow.


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