Sneak Peek: Rihanna – ‘Rockstar 101’


Big city, bright lights, red wig. Rihanna schools us on her rock star ways in the teaser for “Rockstar 101,” the next release from Rated R. The fashionista pulls out a latex bodysuit and stiletto boots from her closet in her latest clip. The only thing missing (so far) is a black guitar.

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  1. VaunTV



  2. T-R-EVER

    She’s Th Fuckin Hottest Bitch in Heels Right Here!!!!!!!The Best Female artist Ever Love how She keeps changing and reinventing herself !! U’ll Never Get Bored Of Her Vids And Songs ConGrats RiRii Another Big Hit :)


  3. Mikey Martini

    Looks good, but then again when doesn’t a Rihanna video have an appeal to it. She has a great team behind. I love the song so I’ll probably love the video. Developing…


  4. SugarF

    Hate the song (can’t believe she actually will release this shit-song), love the video.


  5. Lisa

    I didn’t know Nicki Minaj sung this song. She looks great though.


  6. jeremydante

    soooooooooooooooooo in love with the concept. super chic.





  8. LaMont

    WOW! I can’t wait to see the full video!


  9. g3

    looks good im interested lol @ the red wig why did she need that tho??


  10. dr



  11. AAA

    I agree with the comment above….that’s should be the big thing this year….STOP comparing!!!


  12. Dizzle

    Lisa wat u on about? loooooool this is gonna be a hot video ;) xx


  13. Lindy

    i love this bitch so fucking much man this is why i stan for her shes so different! ms fenty i love you bitch!






  15. hurt

    i totally agree with SugarF… there are so many other songs on the album that needs to be released… if you haven’t yet check out photographs and firebomb… does are hot songs but thoughtful at the same time





  17. oebie

    This…is bad!

    Like some here are saying: Photographs, Fire Bomb (my favorite!!!) and Te Amo are better choices to be singles.

    Fire Bomb is a bit edgy but sensitive and beautiful.


  18. geishagirl

    shes so copying charlie baltimore. shes pathetic and no fashionista.


  19. Stephonne

    LMAO!!! at Lisa lol. This is definitely one of my favorites off of the album though and the video looks like it’s going to be phenomenal.


  20. bijan

    shes not a rock star


  21. WhatTheF




  22. mississiy

    Sorry you are not a rock star. you are a lame whore.


  23. Jay London

    She aint got nothing! She aint got the voice, she aint got the charisma, she aint got the moves and the steps, she aint got the vibe, she’s just a mannequin.
    Another crap song, another $$$$ video, another drama, in other words in Rihanna’s world, another ‘effort’.
    Somebody please tell me where the effort is… Rihanna, just get the F outta here.


  24. GangsterA

    I agree with some of you this song is not good a lil trashy firebomb is hoter or even the last song it sound like she always go with the trash songs more beside te amo any way the video looks hot


  25. OoOshii

    HAters…HAng urselves…


  26. Brit Brat

    I like dis song its hot… but u need 2 stop makin my man chris look bad 4real.. and u need 2 cum harder and hotter no homo.


  27. Rhino

    1. I used to love her…that was before most of y’all did (ever since MOTS)…I stopped right around the time of the GGGB re-release…Unfortunately, that Illuminati reign just won’t let up (must be why every time I say I want the old her back, they tell me to just lock myself in a room with MOTS on repeat)
    2. Yes, I am a hater. A hater of dark, Satanic-sounding sounds. But I am also a lover of organic-sounding music where the artist stays true to his/her roots.

    “Don’t gain the world and lose your soul; wisdom is worth more than silver or gold” -Bob Marley


  28. LIKE

    Rihanna The Queen of R & B


  29. monch

    she looks like Britney in dis video!!! the toxic video!!


  30. Liss

    Why the ugly red fake lookin wig?
    I like the song, but she’s not a rockstar no matter how many times she tries to fool herself


  31. Sergio



  32. Dakota

    Silly Rap-Up! Yet again, this is directed by Melina Matsoukas. :P Follow her on Twitter so you can have more of an idea of the videos she’s doing!

    Anyways, looks hot! Chic rock!


  33. Sir Luscious

    ^^ But Rap-Up never even mentioned who the director was. not sure why u would call them out. silly you.


  34. jacq

    First: Geishagirl, you prolly ARE Charli Baltimore ole 1998-Murder Inc.-Phat Farm wearin’ bum. Ugh, because she got a red wig she tryna be a “has been” rapper? C’mon now bruh…you sound 12.

    Secondly: I think the vid will be as fresh as Rihanna is. Can’t wait for the premiere on the 25th.

    Third: I agree with every one else who hopes “Fire Bomb” will eventually be a single. It’s kinda the best song on the entire LP.


  35. Jordan =] doesn’t matter what anybody says: because 6 #1 hits later, yes i said it SIX HITS LATER, she’s leading the female artist of this decade… been in the game since ’05? thas saying something, quit hating– because it’s not going to do anything and your opinion’s don’t matter. in the words of rihanna, “that rihanna reign just won’t let up!!” :)


  36. Rhino


    I only counted 5 #1 hits (SOS, Umbrella, Take A Bow, Disturbia, Rude Boy)

    And for the record, it’s precisely because I miss the Rihanna from when she started in ’05 (and ’06 and ’07) that I’m saying what I’m saying.


  37. True Blue

    What Jay London said. Plus she looks like she’s ripping off Gaga. Normally I hate when people compare everyone to Gaga these days, but in this case, Rihanna really IS biting her style. I know she was “edgy” (and I use that term loosely) before Gaga came on the scene, but the wig and outfit in this vid is too reminiscent of Gaga.


  38. Who Gonna Check Me Boo

    @ True Blue you sound like a f.u.c.k.i.n
    fool ripping off Gaga… Rih always done 
    her own thang… Yall want to make it seem like 
    Ga owns anything hot…. damn get a 


  39. H.C.

    30 comments? lmao! Get this overrated immigrant out of here. She never wrote an inch in that song “Umbrella” neither did she invent that haircut from Charlize Theron and the ‘Good Girl Gone Bad’ persona from Jay-Z’s “Song Cry” when she got her so-called “break” in 2007.

    She’s unoriginal and the only people who don’t see that is the people who live their lives off of mainstream. I wonder who’s copying next in this video. Lady Gaga again? how pathetic.

    I hope this music video and her next annoying fifth album flops as her firsts. She does not deserve anything whatsoever. I bet you all of her non-sense is from Voodoo not talent.


  40. UltraKid

    Rihanna isn’t ripping off Lady Gaga. Now let’s face it’s the Mainstream and even though I hate using the term I’m using it now to prove a point. Almost every Mainstream artists is overrated such as Lady Gaga and Drake. Their not bad just way too overrated and their given too much credit.

    I don’t remember Gaga being dark. How come anything different is now a Lady Gaga rip off??? Kanye West has some of the most original and unique videos of all time and I don’t see people given him the credit he deserves plus his music is also creative unlike Gaga. Gaga’s music is nothing fresh or original yet people act like it is.


  41. P

    DAMN! She looks stunning with that wig & that latex suit! LOVE HER (FASHION) STYLE & MUSIC NOW! Rated R is her best album so far! Can’t wait for her 5th album!!!


  42. Who Gonna Check Me Boo

    @ hc 
    it sounds like you are jealous because 
    at da end of da day you know just how
    successful she is… I bet it burns you to 
    know she doing better than your fav with
    less effort.  GO KILL YOSELF FOOL


  43. bodacious

    rih have got her career on lock down and she knows where she wants to go with it.


  44. Good Guy Gone Bad

    Charlie Balti-Who??? Does she still even exist????

    @Brit Brat…Can u please inform me how Rihanna is making him look bad??? I just gotta know how his #DELUSIONAL fans think??


  45. Cameo

    So hot… H.C. you are probably an immigrant yourself your trashy hick. Grow a pair and learn to enjoy good music. oh and just for your information her albums don’t flop… they are all multimillion sellers… lets see you do something with your life… and @Brit Brat… what are you talking about?! He makes himself look bad.

    That Rihanna reign just won’t let up!


  46. LShea

    @Jay London – She got money, though, don’t she? When I don’t want to see or hear someone, I turn the channel or change the station or turn it off. Rihanna ain’t thinking about you or other haters and no matter how much you and the others hate her or Ciara or Beyonce or whoever they’ll still make money/be popular – you do them no harm. lmao! I can say this even though I think somebody like Janelle Monae should be the mainstream, not these other chicks, but oh well. It works no hardship on me, based on what I said earlier.

    I agree that Photographs or Firebomb would have been better singles. I don’t care for Rockstar 101. And given the way that rock has been defined and redefined over the years – yes, Rihanna is a rock star as well, in part.

    I GUESS LADY GAGA JUST CREATED MUSIC AND FASHION THEN, DIDN’T SHE? Some people are so stupid! (Not a) Lady Blah Blah isn’t thinking about ya’ll! It’s like with anything else – did you know that, for example, when they make cars they actually make more than one of the same kind? *gasp!* Imagine different people using the same product, etc – WOOOOW, now that’s never been DONE BEFORE!


  47. Rhino

    I’ll just say this: “Music of the Sun” will forever be considered her best album by me…


  48. SexyBoomBoy

    the video will be released on may 25th on Vevo :D

    just 3 days =)

    its going to be hotttt and ROCK :D


  49. rhinoanna

    Lol at HC the immigrant!! Fer reaaall… Her videos end up being black and white or something but a real colored video.. I wonder why.. Cos she really can’t rock a wig or a video? Yeah girl can’t perform. And her stage presence is non existant that its draining.. She won’t even perform her fullest if she had a gun to her head. Rhino should not wear ANY wig. Its too weird now!!


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